ToZ Rose Thumb.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 18-19
Height 5’2/160cm
Weapon Twin Daggers
Family The Sparrowfeathers (Adoptive Family), Eguille (Adoptive father)
JP Seiyuu Mikako Komatsu
ENG VA Caitlin Glass

Rose is a character in Tales of Zestiria. She is the deuteragonist of the game.

Trader by day and assassin by night, Rose eventually becomes Sorey’s Squire and comes along for his journey to become a Shepherd and purge the malevolence plaguing Glenwood.

Rose is the leader of the Sparrowfeathers, a merchant guild that doubles as the assassin’s guild the Scattered Bones. An organisation based on justice, they only assassinate those which are guilty of crimes they deem worth execution.


[edit] Personality

A woman of many faces, Rose shows many different aspects of herself throughout Tales of Zestiria. As a merchant, she is kind and outgoing, charming potential customers with a warm smile. As an assassin, she becomes gravely serious and blunt. She is playful and friendly with her adoptive family as well as Sorey and company, and often joins in on much of the joking around and sillier activities, such as indulging Lailah in her love of spherical objects in nature.

An intelligent girl, Rose has a head for business as well as adventure, coupled with a realist view of malevolence and the workings of the world. Though she works with Sorey to improve the world and quell the malevolence, she always makes clear to him that she will not do so at risk of those she cares about (namely the Sparrowfeathers).

Over the course of the game, she comes to care for Sorey and the Seraphim in much the same way, going to greater and greater lengths to keep them safe and help them in their quest. Towards the end of the game, she strives to follow Sorey all throughout the final battle, and fails to do so only because of Sorey’s own interference.

[edit] Appearance

Rose has several outfits that she wears throughout the game, as well as several alternate clothing choices that are up to the player to change.

Rose has shoulder length red hair and blue eyes. In her default clothing, she wears her hair loose with two gold beads keeping her bangs out of her face. She wears a dark pink dress with a black and light pink leather jacket and white pants. She wears leather belts around her waist and torso, with pouches and sheaths for her twin knives attached to the one around her waist. She wears brown leather boots.

As a Scattered Bone assassin, Rose wears all black with a hood over her head and a mask shaped like the beak of a bird which covers her whole face. Here she carries her knives in much the same way as the default, with sheaths attached to her belt and crossed over the back of her waist.

[edit] Tales of Zestiria

Rose is first encountered on the bridge leading into Ladylake after Sorey and Mikleo first leave Elysia. She and the Sparrowfeathers are submitting paperwork to enter the city and fixing a broken cart that is part of their caravan. As Sorey is with them when they manage to repair the cart, a nearby guard assumes that they are traveling together and allows Sorey into the city.

Later, Sorey encounters a masked Rose along with the Scattered Bones as they capture and reprimand Lunarre for committing to a mistaken contract and failing to follow orders to return. Rose then holds a knife to Sorey to ensure his cooperation as Lunarre is brought away by her assassins.

A masked Rose holding Sorey at knife point

[edit] Trivia

  • The name given to Rose upon her becoming a squire is “Wilkis Wilk”, which means “Rose is Rose”. This was due to Sorey being stressed at the time they made the pact, and struggling to come up with a name fitting for her.

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