Seraphim (天族, Tenzoku, "Heavenly Tribe" or "Heavenly Family") are a race of human-like people in Tales of Zestiria. When talking about them, "seraph" is singular while "seraphim" is plural. Seraphim are spirits of the land, and as such their magic and artes are based around the elements (one per Seraph). Humans which possess a natural resonance have the ability to perceive Seraphim.

Sorey describing Seraphim to Alisha (while looking at an invisible Mikleo).


[edit] Characteristics

Seraphim are human-like in appearance. Many have hair of differing base colors, however the ends of their hair is always reflective of their elemental element regardless of their primary hair color.

Red = Fire
Green = Wind
Orange = Earth
(Bright) Yellow = Lightning
White = Light
Purple = Darkness/Void
Blue = Water

In the case of some NPCs, their hair may be monocolored in order to show their element.

When reborn from humans, they seem to maintain their human eye colors as well as physical appearance at the time of death.

Although many seraphim are humanoid in appearance, it's also possible for them to appear as animals, like Oish and Morgrim. Normin and Katz are both considered to be special types of seraphim.

[edit] Connection to Shepherds

Through the ages, seraphim have become linked to Shepherds both in function as well as a whole. Though Shepherds were originally made to be a bridge between seraphim and humans they began to accompany shepherds on their journey to purify the land and defeat the Lord of Calamity.

At the end of their life it's possible for a shepherd to be reborn as a seraph, though it depends on how they die. The exact method can vary from individual to individual. Several guardian seraphs at three of the trial shrines were once Shepherds, such as Ekseo and Pawan.

[edit] History and Culture

Long ago in the world's forgotten past shown in Tales of Berseria, seraphim were known as Malaks. They were visible to most people seemingly after an event called the advent, unlike how they are in Tales of Zestiria and were said to possess no ego. This, however, unfortunately left them open to exploitation and indeed many of them--such as Laphicet--were enslaved by humans.

It is unknown how they transitioned from that state, but during the Era of Disappearance they began to appear less and less before normal humans until eventually they became invisible except to humans whose resonance was high enough to perceive them.

[edit] Trivia

  • Seraphim are the highest-ranking angels in Christianity and the 5th highest in the Jewish angelic hierarchy. Similarly, Malak is the Semitic word for "angel", strongly hinting at the link between the two.
  • When fighting human enemies, seraphim party members will not be targeted due to their inability to be seen. However, hellions or hellionized humans will often target them.

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