Shepherd is a title in the world of Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria. Shepherds are humans who have entered pacts with Seraphim and gained access to their powers. After the advent of Maotelus, Shepherds also gained access to the power to purify malevolence. This power is granted to both Shepherd and Seraph through the influence of Maotelus, the origin of the silver flame used to purify malevolence.

When a Shepherd has formed a pact with a Prime Lord, they are then able to enlist Squires (humans) and Sub Lords (other Seraphim) to join them in their quests. Each seraph grants powers aligned to their element to the Shepherd and their Squires.

[edit] Sacred Artifacts

A shepherd in possession of a sacred artifact that matches the element of one of their enlisted seraphim is capable of fusing with that seraph and using their powers in battle. The shepherd's appearance is then altered, as their hair grows long and they gain white clothing with accents corresponding to the element of the fused seraph. Armatus grants the shepherd a new set of abilities to use in battle, as well as the use of the divine artifact as an upgraded weapon.

[edit] Notable Artefacts

[edit] Notable Shepherds

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