Shiron closeup.png
Race Seraph
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Family Sorey (Charge)

Mikleo (Charge)

Status Alive

Shiron is a character in Tales of Zestiria. He is one of the Seraphim residing in the village of Elysia.

[edit] Involvement

Shiron is one of the Seraphim involved in raising Sorey and Mikleo.

[edit] Quotes

During first visit to Elysia:

  • "Hey, you felt that too, right? A disturbance in Gramps' domain... Or maybe I'm just imagining things."
  • "She doesn't look like she has any ill intentions towards us. But the most disturbing thing about humans is that you never know if someone's a scoundrel just from their appearance."
  • "But then, come to mention it, we've just been sitting here the whole time, staring away at her..."
  • "Are you all ready to set off? Looke like we will escape this whole episode unscathed after all."

After Sorey returns as the Shepherd:

  • "Back for a visit, Sorey? You just missed him, though. Gramps stepped out for a bit. Hey, just look at those muscles of yours! You're getting stronger, fast. And I heard you're making friends on your prosperous adventures. I guess nobody's said much about it, but we're all really impressed with how you're growing up. We worry about you all the time, though. It's a real shame Gramps wasn't here to meet you, but get out there and say hi to the others. They'll be delighted to see you."
  • "Sorey! What's up? I think Gramps is at his house. Why don't you pay him a visit?"
  • "Hm? You need Gramps for something? He went off with Lailah in the direction of the ruins."

After the invasion of Elysia:

  • "I'm sorry. I should be the one protecting Gramps..."
  • "Please go and see Gramps. I think he'll be expecting you two."

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