Skits are a special feature of the Tales of series that act as idle chatter between party members. The bulk of any Tales game's character development tends to happen within skits as it's where side info and various personality traits are shown outside of the main story events.

Skits usually are short, 30 seconds to sometimes a little over a minute long at most. In Team Symphonia games, skits usually happened using only square boxes showing each character's portrait. The expression would change with the dialogue and in later games these kinds of skits got more dynamic, with the portraits making movements depending on the character's mood and such.

Team Destiny games, on the other hand, would make use of full body portraits for their version of skits.

With the creation of Tales of Xillia, the first joint game in the series, skits now use a combination of the portrait styles to create more dynamic, diverse and entertaining skits.

In older games in the series, skits were unvoiced as there tended to be hundreds of them and the technology at the time wouldn't allow for so much sound data. However more recent Tales games now feature fully voiced skits.

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