Sophie, the heroine in Tales of Graces F
Age 14?
Weight 39 kg
Hieght 148
Weapon Gauntlets
JPN Voice Actor Kana Hanazawa
ENG Voice Actor Cassandra Morris

Sophie is a strange amnesiatic girl found by Asbel Lhant and Hubert Oswell on a hill covered in flowers when they were both young children. Her name actually originates from one of the flowers on the hill. She was completely confused about her past and where she came from. She followed Asbel Lhant and his brother hoping to find someone in town that may have seen her before or that had any idea of where she came from. Not knowing what incredible things she would encounter ahead.


[edit] Personality

Sophie has a very quite and some what boring personality. At the beginning of the game she really knows nothing of her past or really anything about the world around her so she isn't the biggest conversation starter. As the game progresses she really starts to break out of her shell some more once she becomes comfortable around the team and is pretty humorous from time to time.

[edit] Past

Sophie is a very special type of battle humanoid developed and created by Emeraude on the planet Fodra. Initially she began as a concept for a regular combat-use humanoid, however as experimentation on the being Lambda progressed and Emeraude grew more and more jealous of him, she changed Sophie's purpose to "destroy Lambda".

To do this, Emeraude conducted research on another being known as a Little Queen to finish creating Sophie. This resulted in Sophie bearing some visual similarities to a Little Queen herself.

Even though it was made to be her purpose, in order for Sophie to carry out her mission, it would result in her having to self-destruct herself in the process. For 1,000 years before the story, she hunted down and fought with Lambda numerous times but never managed to destroy him...

[edit] Fighting Style

Sophie is a very up-close speed related fighter. Her strength in battle really relies on her very fast speed and ability to dodge and throw together combos like no other. Most of her Burst Artes are stat boosters instead of damage dealers.

[edit] Artes

Sophie's Arte List

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