Spirit Artes

Spirit Artes are the name for the style of artes used in Tales of Xillia and its sequel, Tales of Xillia 2.


[edit] History

Long ago, before the separation of Rieze Maxia and Elympios, humans would use these kinds of artes naturally without really understanding the way it worked or why they could use them. People lived like this for some time until Spyrix were created due to being more powerful and convenient compared to the way Spirit Artes were normally used.

The development of Spyrix caused Rieze Maxia to be made. After about 1800 years, Dr. Howe's Egg Principle is developed and proposed, which is the first time Spirits are suggested as the cause of the artes themselves. 50 years later, his thesis is proven true and Spirits and channeling become much more culturally significant and flourish into how it's currently treated today in Rieze Maxia.

[edit] Usage and Means

Spirit Artes are created primarily by using the Mana Lobe to channel Spirits using the expelled Mana. All Rieze Maxians are born with working Mana Lobes, but the size--and thus capacity--of the Lobe are determined at birth, making the power of an individual's artes limited by their birth. Elympions also have a Mana Lobe, but due to thousands of years of Spyrix usage, that region of their brain is no longer active, thus they can't use Spirit Artes like Rieze Maxians can. Alvin, however, is a notable and mysterious exception to this rule.

In order to properly channel a Spirit, and thus cast a Spirit Arte, there's a four step process to the act of channeling. Mana Emission --> Incantation --> Pact Completion --> Activation.

[edit] Mana Emission

The person casting the arte must first emit Mana from their Mana Lobe. Upon doing that, it draws Spirits to them, who feed on their emitted Mana and use the power from it to cast the arte.

[edit] Incantation

In order for a Spirit Arte to be cast, the caster must speak to the Spirits the kind of spell they want in exchange for their Mana.

[edit] Pact Completion

Having received both Mana and the incantation for the arte, the Pact with the Spirits is now considered complete. The Pact isn't complete until the Spirits receive the Mana.

[edit] Activation

With everything complete, the Spirits fulfill their end of the Pact and activate the Spirit Arte that was agreed upon.

[edit] Elements

Just like almost all other types of artes in various Tales games, Spirit Artes can and are typically elemental based on the eight main elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, Lightning, Darkness and Light.

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