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[edit] Welcome! 2011

Welcome to the Tales Series News Page. From here, we can let people know the most up to date information about Tales. Games, Localizations, Manga, Anime, and Release Dates. Everything Tales related!

[edit] More Tales of Heroes characters!

Through recent scans in Shonen Jump. Six new characters for Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave have been announced. Stahn and Leon from Destiny. Kyle and Reala from Destiny 2. And Emil and Marta from Dawn of the New World

The North American Tales of Graces f box art has also been revealed. Thankfully, (IMO) It's keeping the same cover as the Japanese version. If you'd like to see it go on over to the Graces f page, here

[edit] Tales of Graces f release date! 12/9/11

Today was the announce of the 1st English trailer seen [1]here] It's official release date is going to be March 13, 2012!

[edit] More Twin Brave stuff and Xilla info 12/1/11

Another set of characters has been announced for Twin Brave! Senel Coolidge and Chloe Valens from Legendia. Also some shocking news from Hideo Baba from the Tales studio. Tales of Xillia was rushed! There was a lot more stuff they planned on putting in but just ran out of time. In my personal opinion, if this game gets localized I'd prefer a Directors Cut version instead of the version out now. Things that were left undone are
A Hotsprings Scene
Having King Gaias and another character playable.
A Nam Cobanda Isle like thing like seen in Vesperia and Abyss
And finally, Secret Missions like scene in Vesperia.

Well that's all for now. There's supposed to be some news on Graces f shortly. I'll post about it when I hear about it!

[edit] A Mistake and some News 11/29/11

I accidently made a mistake about Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave. Instead of 15 characters, there's going to be 15 teams of characters. Making a grand total of 30 characters. Sorry about that. In other news, the Reid/Farah team from Eternia was confirmed for Twin Brave. 6 new characters were also released. Luca and Spada from Innocence/Innocence R. Shing and Kohak from Tales of Hearts. And Caius and Rubia from Tales of the Tempest.

Also about Tales of Graces f and it's localization, it has been announced that Graces f's localization progress and voice acting has been completed. It is predicted that it will be released in early 2012. Perhaps even before Abyss which is coming out on Valentines Day. For North American audiences of course. Europe has already gotten Abyss. Enjoy guys!

[edit] Tales of Heroes info along with another new Character for Innocence R! 11/4/11

First off for Tales of Heroes. Four more characters have been revealed bringing the total number up to 14. The new characters are Tales of Abyss' Luke Fon Fabre and Guy Cecil. And don't quote me on this, but I believe that Reid Hershel and Farah Oersted from Tales of Eternia are in it.

Onto Innocence: R news. A second new character has been revealed! This makes a total of 8 characters now! The new guy's name is Kongwai Tau. I'm assuming the name will have an English translation eventually so I won't make the page for him quite yet. I'll give it a week. He is apparently a powerful magic user and from a different world. That's all for now! Stay tuned!

[edit] Four New Characters for Tales of the Heroes 10/19/11

Recent scans have shown that Asbel and Cheria from Graces and Cress and Chester from Phantasia are the four newest characters for Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave. The characters so far are. Lloyd Irving, Zelos Wilder, Yuri Lowell, Flynn Scifo, Jude Mathis, Milla Maxwell, Asbel Lhant, Cheria Barnes, Cress Albane, and Chester Barklight.

[edit] New Game Announced: Tales of Kizna! 10/18/11

Tales of Kizna has been announced for Japan. It's not going to be for a console. instead it's going to be a mobile service on something called Mobage. The "Kizna" of the title is actually meant to be "Kizuna," which is Japanese for "bonds" or "ties." The game features over 100 characters from 15 past Tales games. More info coming soon!

[edit] Tales of the Abyss 3DS gets release date! 10/11/11

Namco Bandai has officially stated that Abyss 3DS will be out February 14th, 2012 for North America and November 25th, 2011 for Europe. Happy Tales everyone! I'll be back soon with Graces f info!

[edit] Tales of Graces f release date! 10/7/11

So yesterday or the day before, a NB representative has stated that a release date for Tales of Graces f will be coming within the next two weeks. About time in my opinion considering how long it's been since they announced it. My current bet is when they announce the release date, they'll also give us some info about the game like the English voice actors. Some of the have already been confirmed, but it's always nice to know them all! Come back frequently in the next few weeks. As soon as I know when a release date is coming, I'll let you all know!

[edit] Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave

Twin Brave was officially announced for Japan. It will play much like a Dynasty Warriors game, and features Tales characters from various games. Check on my links below to learn more about it. [Brave]

[edit] Tales of Innocence R 9/14/11

Tales of Innocence R has officially been announced! here to view it and the new second countdown! Click on the Innocence R page to learn more about it here or you can go research it. The second new Tales game that I mentioned apparently has the title of Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave. (Info on that found [[2]]. So far for characters though, Symphonia's Lloyd Irving and Zelos Wilder, Vesperia's Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo, and Xillia's Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell. That's all for now! I'll be back in roughly 2 days about the next Tales game!

[edit] Two new Tales Games! 9/13/11

There is a new NB countdown website to announce a new game for Japan! However, information has been leaked early! Tales of Innocence R ( Here) And Tales of Heroes or Tales of the Heroes for PSP. Still some debate on that. With the official announcement around 5 o'clock eastern time, I'll try to remember to contain my excitement and let you guys know!

[edit] Abyss 3DS Delayed? 9/12/11

Don't believe these rumors unless Namco Bandai themselves say so. So far, there has been absolutely no official word from NB. Abyss 3DS is still set to release in 2011 as of right now.

[edit] Birth of the Aselian Movement 8/26/11

Today on a website called Gematsu, an article sprung forth Aselian Movement The article tells of the 4 facebook/twitter groups all trying to get their specific games localized. Ranging from Tales of Rebirth, to Tales of Vesperia PS3, and even to Tales of Xillia! The article tells of the groups ideas and all about the Tales series. It's truly a fascinating read. Read it for yourself though, don't just take my word for it! As you can also probably see, I'm going to start adding dates on the posts. That way it's easier for people that want to read more up to date news.

There's also been two new Xillia trailers that came out. They should be on the top of Gematsu's website while you're reading the article above.

Last and Not least, I ask you to also read this post that I made on the Tales of Xillia page on our very own Neoseeker! It will let you know the names of the different groups to support for Xillia.Localization of Xillia.

To see the links to the Xillia campaigns, Vesperia PS3, and Rebirth, just check out Gematsu's article. They're all on the link on the bottom. Till next time.

[edit] New Screens and Trailers for Abyss 3DS!

Namco Bandai has released many new screenshots along with a few trailers of Tales of the Abyss 3DS yesterday. Check them out on the Tales Series facebook page. Or just google them! you'll find them either way.

[edit] Release Dates

Tales of the Abyss 3DS has been confirmed for a European release date of 18/11/11. November 18th, 2011. (Supposedly that release date has been confirmed but 10/11/11 was also confirmed as the release date. We'll find out I guess. And remember, that's for Europe!) Graces f looks like it will be coming out February 2012 instead of the rumored Summer 2012. Amazon predicts February 6th or so for a NA release date but nothing on that has been confirmed as of yet. I'll update you guys as I learn more stuff! The Masterman

[edit] Two New Games on the Way!

The 1st official news for the wiki is that North America and Europe are both getting two more Tales games! The first is Tales of Graces f for the PS3. It is the extended edition of Tales of Graces originally for the Wii. After the main storyline is completed, seven hours or more of new story was added in. Other new features include a new starter costume for Sophie and more costumes for everybody. Visit the Tales of Graces f Tales neowiki page for more info. The 2nd game is a remake of a fan favorite. It originally came out in the states around 2005-2006. Tales of the Abyss for Nintendo's new portable system, the Nintendo 3DS! There are no new features for the 3DS version of the game. It's a direct port of the original PS2 version of the game. Loading times have been greatly reduced and the North American exclusive Mystic Artes are now available for all regions. Abyss is set for Europe for 11/10/11 (NA Date). It's assumed it will come out a bit before for the other side of the ocean. Graces f is looking at an early 2012 release date. Nothing confirmed there yet. New updates will be posted on the top of the page, scroll down for old stuff which will eventually be archived.

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