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[edit] Welcome 2012

Welcome to the 2012 News Page. I decided to put in a new page in fear that the old one would become too cluttered. If you wish to view last year's news page, Click Here This News Page is written by The Masterman so far in hopes that people will be able to keep themselves well informed. For big highlights, Tales of Graces f and Tales of the Abyss were both announced for localization for both North America and Europe. Abyss has already been released in Europe and came out in North America February 14th, 2012. AKA Valentine's Day. Tales of Graces f was been released March 13th, 2012. It's due to be out sometime this summer for European players.

[edit] Many Xillia 2 Updates 9/14/12

Sorry for the neglect of this page recently. I haven't been on Neoseeker for a bit. Anyway, here's a bunch of Xillia 2 info that's been announced since the last post....2 months ago.

Remember how Leia and Alvin are playable in Tales of Xillia 2 both rocking brand new outfits? Well, so is Elise and Rowen! Elise is of course accompanied by her doll Tipo. Two other characters returning and who are definately playable are Jude Mathis and Milla! Also, featured on the cover(?) of Xillia 2, is Gaius and Musee(?), two characters who many people thought should have been playable in Xillia 1. So now they just might be. Not confirmed yet though.

Several new pre-order bonus' have also been announced. An Emil Castagnier one for Ludgar, along with a Yuri Lowell one for Jude and an Asbel Lhant one for Milla. Judging by her Stahn and Dhaos costumes, apparently Milla likes to cross dress. Xillia 2 will be released November 1st for Japan audiences. Still no new news on the Xillia localization for North America/Europe yet. Till, next time, The Masterman

[edit] Something Small 7/11/12

This is NOT an announcement of any kind or anything, but it seems that apparently, the European offices of Namco Bandai have been asking the Japanese offices every 6 months if they could localize Tales of Vesperia PS3. So far, they keep getting turned down. Probably because the Japanese offices believe that Vesperia PS3 won't bring in enough profit. However, it's release is still possible. Till next time, The Masterman


Today at the Japan Expo in France, Hideo Baba has officially revealed that Tales of Xillia will be coming over to BOTH European and North American shores! It'll be released in 2013 at some point. And, if Xillia sells well enough, it was also said that we'll also be getting Tales of Xillia 2! Exciting day for Tales fans! Check back for more info on Xillia as it's announced! Till next time, The Masterman

[edit] Xillia 2 characters 6/30/12

As it turns out, Leia and Alvin will in fact be playable in Tales of Xillia 2. Also, another character was introduced. Ludgar's brother Julius Will Kresnik. Here's the scan with Leia and Alvin's new art designs and Julius
Tales of Xillia 2 characters.jpg

[edit] Vesperia: The First Strike New Tales game(s) for NA and EUR? More Xillia 2 info 6/28/12

Sorry for not posting for so long, I've been busy with real life stuff. Anyway, the Tales Series on Twitter has been hinting at a new game being localized. When asked when the last part of the Hideo Baba interview would come, we were told "late June because there's a surprise in it." The Japan Expo is also being held in Paris, France in very early July. The video will likely be released at the same time.

Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike has been released 2 days ago. Be sure to pick up your copy to support the series! :D I'm afraid the only returning voice actors were Yuri and Flynn. Funimation still did a good job dubbing it though.

Also, new info about Xillia 2 has been announced. It will be released on November 1st in Japan and will include a Pre-order bonus of an Emil Castagnier costume for Ludgar. Also Leia, Alvin, and Jude will be re-appearing in Xillia 2. It is still undetermined whether they'll be playable or not. Till next time, The Masterman.

[edit] Tales of Xillia 2 Announced 6/2/12

Hey everyone! Tales of Xillia 2 has been announced in Japan for a Winter 2021 release on the PS3. It follows the story of Ludger Will Kresnik, his cat Lulu, and a mysterious girl names Elle Mel Martha. The player has different choices throughout the course of the game which will ultimately effect the way it turns out. During battle, there also appears to be up to 3 different fighting styles. This battle system is called the XMB-LMBS. Stay tuned for more info! There will be an official announcement for a release date on June 27th. Hopefully, they will also be new info about the game. Check out our wiki page for the game found Here for the complete scoop on the game. Till next time, The Masterman.

[edit] Tales of the World: Tactics Union Screenshots

Here are some pretty cool Screenshots for Tales of the World: Tactics Union that really show some of the features.

Talesunion2 thumb.jpg

Enjoy your evening Tales Fans! The Pursuit out.

[edit] Tales of Graces f: European Release Date! 5/16/12

Hey everyone, the European release date has been confirmed for August 31st, 2012. Along with the Destiny DLC costumes that people in North America received, there will be a collectors edition that includes an artbook, a sound track, alternate artwork of the game cover, along with a collector's edition case to hold it all. Not to bad of a deal really. Also, Tales of 14 has been confirmed that it is NOT Xillia 2 as stated by Hideo Baba in an interview with the Japanese magazine, Famitsu.

Also, a new SRPG Tales game as been announced. Tales of the World: Tactics Union. It's set to launch July 2nd, 2012 for Android phones.

Till next time, The Masterman.

[edit] Tales of 14

A month since the last post huh? whoops. Anyway, scans from the latest issue of Jump in Japan have revealed the first screenshots of Tales of 14! That's all for now! Don't forget to pick up copies of Abyss and Graces for yourself and your friends so that we have a better chance of getting more Tales games in the future! Till next time, The Masterman

Tales of 14.jpg

[edit] Pulsating X/ Vesperia: FS 4/2/12

Remember the big pulsating X I posted about earlier in hopes of it being Xillia DC? Well, as it turned out, it wasn't. It is a new Hunter X Hunter game though for any who enjoy that series!

Also, Funimation released 2 clips of Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike today. You can find them easily on youtube by searching "tales of vesperia first strike funimation". The first scene is the opening of the movie and the 2nd one is when they run into Rita. The voice actors for Yuri and Flynn both return but Rita has a different voice actor. Estelle sounded similar but I'm not totally sure if it's the same person. No voice clips for Alexei or Raven have been heard yet.

[edit] Tales of Xillia? Tales of Vesperia: First Strike 3/26/12

Well people, Xillia has been trademarked in both Europe and North America. Trademark doesn't mean much as many of you know. Rebirth, Innocence, and Hearts have all had trademarks and nothing has so far come from it.

However. Namco Bandai has put up a new page for a new title here. http://www.bandaigames.channel.or.jp/list/newtitle/ Some people are thinking that the big radiating X could mean Xillia DC which many people have been hoping for since Hideo Baba stated Xillia was "rushed" since it was the 15th anniversary title and had to be out on time. It was missing several common things of Tales games including but not limited too a Cameo battle and Spa scene. It was also going to have at least 1 more playable character. On facebook about a month ago, Rich (the PR for NB) said that they were going to interview Hideo Baba and for the fans to post any questions they might have. Many people asked about Vesperia PS3 and Xillia. To draw lines between the dots, people are hoping that this new game is Xillia DC and that it may be released in NA and Europe. This are only RUMORS. Nothing confirmed. Please don't get your hopes up.

In other news, Funimation is going to release Tales of Vesperia: The First Stike on DVD and Bluray this June. It will also be fully dubbed!

Till next time, The Masterman

[edit] Graces has been released! 3/13/12

Although some lucky people got it early, Tales of Graces has been released on PS3 all over North America today! Buy a copy, maybe two, to help support the series! The more sales we get, the more games we get and with all the great new games (and great old ones as well) there's plenty more Tales to hope for! Happy Tales and enjoy Graces!

[edit] New Updates Graces, Xillia, Twin Brave, and Hearts 2/22/12

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, I've been busy with Abyss :D. Anyway, some pre-order bonuses for Graces f have been announced. Some retro costumes from the original Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2. Kyle Dunamis for Asbel, Rutee for Sophie, and Judas for Richard. Along with the costumes, come some backgrounds for your PS3 costumes. These pre-order bonuses are available from Gamestop and EB games. Thinking of EB games, on their display boxes for Tales of Graces f, a picture of a scene from Tales of Xillia can be seen. Hopefully this won't lead to any unforeseen consequences.

Also 2 new antagonists from Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave have been announced. A lady(?) from Tales of Legendia that I regret to inform you that I have no idea who she is. She's got blue hair. If anybody would like to let me know so I can change this, go ahead and send me a message or just edit this yourself :). The other is Duke Pantarei from Tales of Vesperia.

On February 17th, Namco Bandai also filed a 2nd trademark for Tales of Hearts. The new trademark however, also covers Digital Download. This COULD be hinting at Tales of Hearts being available for Digital Download further down the line. That is of course rumors though. While some have been hoping for a Tales of Hearts R, let's enjoy what we have first. :) Till next time.

[edit] Tales of the Abyss 3DS! 2/13/12

Just giving everyone a friendly reminder that Tales of the Abyss 3DS is coming out in North America tomorrow! Also known as Valentine's Day! If Abyss sells moderately well, then we can expect more handheld Tales games such as Innocence R and Radiant Mythology 4 (assuming it happens. I'm not saying RM4 will happen). So everyone remember to pick up at least one copy tomorrow or sometime this week! The more sales the series gets, the better off it will be and the more Tales us English speaking countries will be able to experience.

Also Tales of Graces f comes out in exactly 1 month! Everyone get there game face on :D

[edit] DS-Vita remakes 1/30/12

So as some of you are probably aware, Tales of Innocence had a reimagination done titled Tales of Innocence R. At the very end of the game, it said "To be continued to next Re-Imagination". That along hinted that there might be more Tales titles to follow. There's also a dungeon in Tales of Innocence R called the Triverse Gate. Inside this dungeon, images were found throughout of characters and scenes from both Tales of the Tempest and Tales of Hearts. The other two DS Tales games. Also, the two new characters for Innocence R, QQ Selezneva and Kongwai Tao are both supposedly from different worlds. QQ claims in game that she is from a world where humans and beasts are fighting each other. Basically, Tempest. This leaves many people thinking that Kongwai could be connected to Hearts' world and that the Triverse Gate connects all three worlds making a new timeline. All of this is still rumors as of right now. Namco Bandai has yet to announce anything themselves but the chances of more re-imagination's seems very possible. All the more reason for everyone to buy at least 1 copy of Tales of the Abyss 3DS and Tales of Graces f when they're released 2/14/12 and 3/13/12 respectively. By purchasing these titles, the chances increase of North American and European shores having Xillia amongst other new titles.

[edit] New updates 1/13/12

Happy New Year everyone! Let's make this a year of Tales to remember. First off, the last two protagonists for Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave were announced. The Rebirth team Veigue Lungberg and Tytree Crowe. The first antagonist was also announced. Elraine from Tales of Destiny 2. For a complete list of characters, please see the Twin Brave page here.

Also, with the exception of Tales of Symphonia, the Tales series has never sold very well in the West. Many fear that if Graces f and Abyss 3DS do not sell well, then that will be the end of the Tales series in the west. if Abyss does not sell well, that's the end of the handheld titles in the West. To try to prevent this from happening, a new page has sprung up on facebook. Tales of Marketing. Their goal is to promote the series and to try to get as many people as possible to purchase at least 1 copy of the game. Here's the link to their page if anyone is interested. Tales of Marketing. Have a safe 2012 and remember to pick up a copy of both Abyss and Graces :)

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