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This is a basic layout of a page that most articles on the wiki are encouraged to use.

What we're talking in right now is considered the lead section, which involves a brief introduction to the article and anything that needs to be above the ToC.

Some things this section might have are:

  • Infoboxes
  • Article message boxes
  • And of course the Table of Contents, which will automatically appear when there are 4 or more sections present in an article


[edit] Content

This will depend on the subject of your article, so please consider the following sections as optional. Only include sections that make logical sense with the subject of your article.

[edit] Trivia

Trivia should be made using a list (*) and includes small nuggets of info relevant to the article that aren't big enough to be included in the main part of the article. These can be things like a character's favorite food or hobbies, birthdays, little things you may've noticed about an area, etc.

[edit] References

Check the main Manual of Style for more info about using references.

[edit] Navboxes

Go at the end of articles but before the categories. A full list of available navboxes can be found here.

[edit] Categories

These go at the very end of the article, because if they're at the top they create a weird space and on the page layout they're at the bottom anyway.

More details on how to go about using categories and what to use when can be found by reading our Category Guidelines.

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