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This guide details how to structure pages for different Characters. If a section listed below doesn't apply to a character, then it can be skipped.

Name of the character
An image of the character
Race In-game race
Gender Male/Female
Age If known
Height If known
Weight If known
Weapon The weapon they specialize in, as it's known in their game
Hometown If known
Family Also if known. List all relations and put the relation in parenthesis after the character's name.
JP Seiyuu Japanese VA
ENG VA Their localized voice. If a character was dubbed into several languages, the other languages get their own slot below this one.
Other Appearances If a character has appeared in more than one game, whether as part of it or as a cameo, list those games here and link to them.


[edit] Lead Section

Like in other articles, the lead section should include the following:

  • Article message boxes when needed.
  • A short introductory sentence or so that introduces the character. For most characters, simply putting "(Character name in bold, their Japanese name should be next to this in parenthesis and include kana and romaji) is a character from (name of the game they originate from, linked to it)." will suffice, but you can add more if you wish or change the sentence up. The only requirements are that the character's name be in bold and the same as their article's title page and that you link to the game they're from.
  • An infobox listing the vital stats of the character and showing a picture of them. The infobox on this page lists some examples of stats to list, when applicable.
  • Table of Contents, which appears automatically when there are four or more headers.

[edit] Article Content

When writing these articles, all sections should start at (==) level and move to (===) if you need a sub-heading. You are allowed to make more sub-headings for sub-headings if need arises. Depending on the character, all sections are optional, but we advise that you stick to these names for the sections. Depending on the situation, you're free to add more as needed.

If a section is too long, you should consider breaking it up into sub-sections. For example, have "History" as a heading, and then under it have sub-headings for different sections of the character's timeline.

[edit] Background

This section should only have information regarding the character's life prior to their introduction to the story. Include all information, including backstory info revealed later in the game's story. For character that are not playable or who are never actually met in the game, this section can become a general "History" section instead and should be named accordingly.

[edit] Personality

Here you should write a few sentences or a paragraph on the character's personality, both what their official profiles might say as well as what they show in the game. You can be as detailed as you want.

[edit] Appearance

Even if you included a picture of them, describe the character's appearance as if you were describing them in a novel. Include anything relevant you can think of.

[edit] Fighting Style

How this character fights, if applicable. Are they considered offense or defense? What kind of weapons do they use? Any rhyme or reason to their fighting style? Answer those kinds of questions here.

[edit] Involvement

Finally we're down to the bulk of the article. This is where you expand on what you started in the Background section, this time detailing what happens throughout the story until conclusion. If there's post-game DLC or story continuations, make those a sub-section to this one.

Our wiki is NOT spoiler free, so please list as much detail as you can and want, regardless of if it's a spoiler. However, if something written pertain to major game spoilers, please at least put a content notice message box at the top of the article to warn for it.

[edit] Relationships

Depending on the character and whether or not you want to, you can detail the relationships this character has with other party members or other named characters in the game.

[edit] Strategy

If the character you're writing about is fought at some point in the story, include a basic strategy to defeating them. If fought multiple times, list each time as a sub-section and write a strategy for each one.

[edit] Quests

If there are side quests or character-specific quests that the character is involved in, list all of the quests by name in this section, linking out to them.

[edit] Trivia

Anything small about the character like a birthday or name origins goes in here as a list.

[edit] Gallery

Try to include a gallery of images for the character when possible. If not possible, feel free to skip it.

[edit] See Also

For some characters, this section can be used to display links to their equipment, artes, or skills pages. Pages should be displayed in a list.

[edit] References

If they were used, the list of references should go right here.

[edit] Navboxes

All characters should have navboxes at the end of their articles, mainly for the games that they're from. For all our current navigational boxes, see Category:Navigation Templates.

[edit] Categories

A detailed guide on how, when and what categories to use can be found here.

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