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This guide is for ALL location-related articles and will detail the specific guidelines for each type.

Name of the location, preferably its map name, but if it goes by a more common name everywhere else, use that instead
Image of the location; can be either its look on the map, a screenshot of the place, or whatever else is suitable.
All below sections are optional and vary depending on the type of location
Type Planet, Moon, Dungeon, Town, whatever is most applicable.
Capital If the page is for a general location like an empire or country
Terrain To add more detail, you can say what type of terrain the area has, e.g. Forest, Desert, Lake, etc.
Population Only if known.
Shops The number of shops and merchants that are in the area and their names, if applicable
Appearances All games and other media where this location has appeared.

Like other pages, the lead section of a location page should have any of the following:

  • Maintenance Tags, if needed.
  • Infobox, as shown on the right. Not all pages will need everything you could include that's listed and some might need different sections. Use your best judgement.
  • Introduction that briefly overviews the page and subject.
  • Table of contents that will show up automatically if four or more headings are present.

As usual, not every page will be able to adhere to these guidelines. The following sections are there to give you a general idea of how to structure your location pages, but you may structure differently depending on the page you're specifically making and if you want to.


[edit] Background/History

Any known history on the location should be written up here. If no such information exists, this section can be skipped.

If the history of a place is extensive and spans a long period of time, you're encouraged to use sub-headings using ===.

[edit] Involvement

This section is for what actually happens in or to the location within the events of the story. In some cases this section can be combined with the previous section, depending on length and context. Like the rest of our wiki, write in detail regardless of spoilers, but if your location is related to any end game scenarios please make sure you put an appropriate spoiler alert tag at the top of the page.

[edit] Notable Characters

Named characters that are of some importance can be brought up here. You may either list them out or write it out in prose, either way is fine.

[edit] Shops and Merchants

This section is meant to expand on the infobox secton. Here, please list any shops or merchants in the area as a sub-heading and provide a list or data table of their inventory. If their inventory changes throughout the game, include that as a note after the item in the list or as a cell in a data table by saying something like "Only available after x plot point."

[edit] Quests

If your location is the start, destination, or end point of a quest, please list those quests here and link out to them.

[edit] Items

For locations that are field or dungeons, this section will list data associated with any items found while exploring the area, including where to find them. We encourage that you embed item data templates for this section, unless you want to manually create a table and rewrite all that data. Item data is found in Category:Items.

[edit] Enemies

If a location has enemies, embed their individual enemy data here in a list. If it changes, list the point of change as a sub-headings and include the updated or new versions here. All enemies are found under Category:Enemies.

[edit] Trivia

Smaller chunks of info that couldn't go anywhere else. Please list them using *.

[edit] Gallery

If applicable, include a gallery of images for the location.

[edit] References

If you referenced anything, that information goes here. See the Referencing guide for details.

[edit] Navboxes

Depending on the game and location, make sure you include any relevant navigation boxes. You can find a handy list of them at Category:Navigation Templates.

[edit] Categories

Locations have a specific tree of categories that you can read more about here.

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