Tales of Destiny 2

Tales of Destiny 2
Tales of Destiny II PSP cover art.jpeg
Cover of the PSP port
Developer(s) Telenet Japan / Wolfteam, Alfa System (PSP)
Designer Mutsumi Inomata
Composer(s) Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura
Platform Playstation 2, Playstation Portable
Release Date(s) Playstation 2 JP November 28th, 2002 ROC August 14, 2003PlayStation PortableJP February 15, 2007
Players Single Player
Ratings CERO: All ages

Tales of Destiny 2 is the true sequel to Tales of Destiny originally for the PS1. It is often confused with the North American version of Tales of Eternia that was released under the title Tales of Destiny II.

[edit] Plot

Tales of Destiny 2 follows the tale of Kyle Dunamis. Son of Stahn Aileron and Rutee Katrea, the heroes of the first game. He finds a giant lens that a girl comes out of named Reala. Through various events, Kyle and Reala begin time traveling fixing the mistakes in the timeline. Including the death of Kyle's father at the hands of Barbatos Goetia. Through many trials, the timeline is finally restored.

[edit] Protagonists

Kyle Dunamis
Loni Dunamis
Nanaly Fletch
Harold Belserius

[edit] Antagonists

Barbatos Goetia

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