Tales of Innocence R

Tales of Innocence R
InnocenceR cover.jpg

Innocence R cover
Developer Alfa System
Publisher Namco Bandai
Platform(s) PSVita
Release Date January 26th, 2012
Rating Cero "B"
Players TBA


[edit] About

Tales of Innocence R was announced on September 14th, 2011. It is a remake of Tales of Innocence for the Nintendo DS system. It will be the same game except different. Like most Tales remakes.

[edit] New Stuff

For confirmed changes, new character models and making the battle system better. Expected changes are fixing the dungeons and of course new titles, artes, costumes, side quests, scenes, etc. like most remakes from the Tales series. Other new stuff include two new characters (Kongwai Tao and QQ Selesneva) and up to 4 characters in battle at once compared to three characters in the original Innocence.

[edit] Plot

The Capital Kingdom of Regulum has kept its dominance over the land during the raging wars, and kept the world at peace. There are, however, the recent appearances of humans who held within them great mystical power, the "Fallen" (literally translated as "a person with a gift/talent"). The people started fearing these Fallen. Because of this, the Capital of Regulum sent soldiers out to capture all the Fallen and experiment on them. However, a young man named Luca, suddenly finds out that he himself is an Fallen, while trying to protect a girl named Iria with her pet thing Coda. They soon encounter Spada, Ange, Ricardo, and Hermana. After realizing that their past lives have led them to encounter each other, they go on a journey to acquire a powerful and dangerous item known as the Genesis.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Gameplay

There were quite a few complaints about the battle system for this game. To name a few, every boss battle you had they would cut your attack power at least in half. Many times more. The second was the constant grinding that was needed to stay as powerful as your enemies. In Innocence R, these flaws, along with poor dungeon design, are supposedly all suppose to be completely redone.

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