Tales of Link

Tales of Link
Tales of Link Logo.png
Logo for the game
Developer Akatsuki
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment
Platform Mobile (Android/iOS)
Release Dates March 4, 2014JP
April 5, 2016EN
Players 1
OP "Scarlet Starlet" by Straightener
Character Designer Daigo Okumura
Producer Okitomo Shiratori
Project Producer Ryuuji Oodate
Director Hironori Naoi

Tales of Link was a free-to-play RPG game developed for mobile platforms by Akatsuki and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is one of many mobile Escort games developed for the Tales series, and one of a small number to see a worldwide release. In January 2018, shortly after the last chapters of the story were released it was revealed that both the JP and WW servers would be shutting down in a few months. Both servers for the game officially closed on March 27, 2018.


[edit] Story

Title image with main characters Sara and Lippy

Tales of Link takes place in the world of Liafyse where deities watch over the people of the world and maintain peace. In this world, entities called ruinators once wreaked havoc and disaster across the world. They were sealed away for ages by the goddess Leonne, however time spent sealed away allowed them to store and steal power from even the gods.

One day their seal was broken and they fell upon the land to start wreaking havoc once more. They took many different forms, such as dragons or people sewing dissent, but their goal was to bring about calamity and threaten the world's peace.

Unable to leave her place in the heavens where she was hard at work keeping the Seeds of Ruin from spreading too quickly, Leonne tasked a single sprite with the burden of her powers and one goal: find a savior to seal away the seeds of ruin.

The player takes on the role of this savior and must use their powers of stonecantation in order to summon heroes to aid them in their quest to purify and seal away the ruinators.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Hero Stones and Summon Events

[edit] Battle

[edit] Quests

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