Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Tales of Symphonia: Knights of Ratatosk Boxart
Developer Namco Tales Studio
Publisher Namco Bandai
Platform Nintendo Wii
Release Dates JPJune 26, 2008
NA November 11, 2008
EUNovember 13, 2009
AUS November 26, 2009
Ratings CERO: B
PEGI: 12
Players 4
Compatible With Tales of Symphonia


[edit] Background

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, (Japanese title - Tales of Symphonia: Knights of Ratatosk), is a console role-playing game developed by Namco Tales Studio and published by Namco Bandai for Nintendo's Wii console. It is the second installment in the Tales of Symphonia line, following the popular title that was released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2004. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World takes place two years after the GameCube original, allowing players to rediscover parts of the Tales world they've walked in the past, as well as numerous new locations that are sure to please fans of the series. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World will also feature a fully redesigned battle system known as a 'Flex Range Linear Motion System', the game's battles will play out like a mixture of Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Innocence. In addition; each battle location, skill, and monster will have an elemental attribute. By altering the battlefield's element your characters and foes will gain attack power, or lose it depending on the current field element. Roughly 240 individual monsters can be swayed into fighting alongside your party. This game will closely follow the story of Emil and Marta, as they venture across the continents after the event that soon came to be known as the 'Purge of Blood', when the Church of Martel and the Vanguard went into battle against one another.

[edit] Gameplay

Instead of the huge map seen in Tales of Symphonia, this sequel features a point and click map, were you can travel around the world faster. The map is similar to the one seen in Tales of Phantasia which takes place roughly 4,000 years after the events in Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube. The point and click will also be used for this game's version of the Sorcerers Ring which has many uses and functions throughout the game, though now will only stun monsters with a weakness of the type of ring power you are using

[edit] Fighting Techniques

As said, this game uses the new designed "Flex Range Linear Motion System." A new feature of this battle system is the Elemental Grid. Monsters, skills and locations will carry attributes.

You can also catch monsters, and create new ones. You can level them up, while letting them fight with you in battle. If monsters are not needed, or there is too many, you can put them in the Katz Guilds Pen.

Just like in the last game, after every battle you will receive GRADE. Points are scattered thoroughly among the party equally. After quite a lot of points, you or your monster will level up. On the second play through, GRADE that was collected can be used to Purchase better material. Fortunately, in this game, you cannot lose GRADE. Therefore, you will get much more GRADE than in the last game. This also makes things in the GRADE shop cost more, however, so it's still going to be tough to get everything on your first playthrough.

Another nice new feature of the battle system that wasn't included in the last game is the free-roam system. By holding down the Z button on the Wii-Mote, you allow yourself to run around in battle. This can be helpful for dodging and weaving, but be warned that if you are hit while free roaming, it will register as a critical hit.

[edit] Scenes

In the first game, there was a couple of Anime scenes throughout it. While in Dawn of the New world, There is more of real time scenes, that is done by a motion capture shot system. Unlike the first game, the scenes in this game are now fully voiced. The game is able to play in Widescreen.

[edit] In-Game


Katz Guild


Sidequests - ToS:DoNW

[edit] New Characters

[edit] Emil Castagnier

Not much is known about him. His parents had died in the Palmacosta Blood Purge disaster. He gets bullied at home in the game for not looking up to the Hero of Regeneration, Lloyd Irving. Many of the townspeople shun him because they believe that his coming was the cause of the start of their problems.

[edit] Marta Lualdi

During the Great Kharlan trees rampage, Marta's mother was killed. She thinks on and off about various things. In recent trailers you can see a ratatosk core that lies right by her forehead. Marta meets Emil in the woods one day when he goes exploring.

[edit] Richter Abend

Richter is a character shrouded in mystery throughout most of the Game. He meets Emil while in Luin and helps Emil to grow stronger, both emotionally and physically.

[edit] Tenebrae

Tenebrae is the Centurion of Darkness who becomes partnered with Emil in order to protect Marta. He is a loyal servant of Ratatosk and guides Emil and Marta as they seek out the other Centurion's cores.

[edit] Returning Characters

[edit] Lloyd Irving

The hero of the first game. After the first game is has been said that he is on a journey to recover all the Exspheres, but nobody's heard from him in months. As of now, he is both hated and loved for the possibility he lead the Palmacosta Blood Purge.

[edit] Collete Brunel

Heroine of the first game, very nice and bubbly, quite "girly" girl, and she loves dogs. She was the Chosen of Mana, and at the moment, people of Vanguard oppose her.

[edit] Genis Sage

Lloyd's best friend, and younger brother of Raine. Raine and him go separate ways too look for Lloyd after all the events.

[edit] Raine Sage

She is the teacher of Lloyd, Colette and Genis. After the first game, Raine and her brother, traveled around the world, for wanting it to be easier for Half-Elves to be accepted.

[edit] Sheena Fujibayashi

She had a big part in saving the world in the last game, as a summoner. Sheena resides in the town of Mizuho with the Chief Tiga. She is a very nice and bright girl.

[edit] Zelos Wilder

Zelos is the last chosen of Mana for Tethe'alla. He is a philander, very clingy to any girl he sees, and quite arrogant towards guys, Otherwise a calm insightful person.

[edit] Presea Combatir

Because of an Exsphere, for the last 16 years she spent her life as a lifeless being, she now gets to live her life free working with Regal, to repair her hometown Ozette.

[edit] Regal Bryant

Once a prisoner for the wrong reasons, Regal joined the Symphonia party on Presea's half, and for world judgment. He currently is helping Lloyd get rid of the Exspheres. He is a very kind gentleman.

[edit] Adversaries

[edit] Alice

Alice is a member of the Vanguard who is able to control monsters through the use of a machine. She is often cold towards her subordinates and has a deep hatred for Marta

[edit] Decus

Decus is also a member of the Vanguard who will do anything to please Alice. Decus plays a large roll throughout the game due to a special ability of his.

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