Tales of Symphonia Plot

This page will of course not put in every single detail. There will be enough details for the reader to be able to understand the main story

[edit] Opening Credits

The opening credits start with the voice of Kratos Aurion telling the following story. "Once upon a time, there existed a giant tree that was the source of mana. A war however, caused this tree to wither away and a hero's life was sacrificed in order to take it's place. Grieving over the loss, the Goddess disappeared unto the heavens. She left the angel's with this edict;'You must wake me, for if I should sleep, the world shall be destroyed.' The angel's bore the Chosen One who headed towards the tower that reached up unto the heavens. And that marked the regeneration of the world."

[edit] Martel Temple

The game begins with Raine Sage, the Professor at the Iselia village school, throwing a chalk eraser at the main protagonist' head, hitting him, and him waking up. The protagonist's name is Lloyd Irving. A child raised by a dwarf. He is now 17 years old. A very bright flash occurs from outside. Raine tells everyone to settle down while she goes to investigate at the Martel Temple to find out for sure if it was the Oracle. Raine runs out of the building and the controls of Lloyd switch to the player. Lloyd walks over to the door to follow the Professor when the Professor's younger brother, Genis Sage, runs over to ask where he's going. They argue for a bit but then finally decide to go after Raine although she told them to stay there. Lloyd calls out to a girl named Colette Brunel to join with them. Colette is the Chosen One of the world of Sylvarant. The three of them leave the school building and are stopped by Frank Brunel, Colette's father. He tells them that Desians have just traveled through the village also on their way to the Martel Temple. Lloyd's Group decides to go ahead anyway. On the bottom of the hill that the Temple is located on, they find a mortally wounded priest begging Colette to be careful before he dies in agony. The group goes up the hill and sees Colette's grandmother Phaidra Brunel being surrounded by "Desians". She sees Colette and yells at her to run. The Desians are being led by a man called Botta at the moment. The Desian's peons also see and rush foward to attack. Lloyd, Genis, and Colette manage to defeat them. Swearing because of defeat, the Desians call forth a bigger Desian named Vidarr that tries to kill them. During the battle, a strange mercenary shows up. The mercenary's name is Kratos Aurion who easily defears Vidarr. The rest of the Desians retreat for the time being. Phaidra thanks Kratos and tells him that Colette is the Chosen. Kratos offers to protect her for a fee. When Kratos hears Lloyd's name, he seems surprised and does not wish for him to come. Colette protests and Lloyd follows along. The group conquer the trials of the Martel Temple, gain the Sorcerer's Ring, and make it to the altar at the top of the temple. An angel named Remial comes down from above and gives Colette her Cruxis Crystal. The group of 4 return to Colette's house in Iselia.

[edit] Attack on Iselia

The mayor of Iselia, tells Lloyd and Genis that they are not allowed to go, and that Kratos and Raine shall be Colette's guards during her journey. Lloyd is upset and leaves. Genis and Colette follow him. Genis wishes Colette a happy birthday and gives her a batch of his cookies. Lloyd says that he has a necklace almost ready for her and that he'll give it to her before she leaves the next day. Colette says that she'll go to his house tonight to tell him when they are leaving. Genis asks Lloyd if he can go part of the way to his house with him. Lloyd says sure. As the two along with Lloyd's dog Noishe, leave the village, the guards tell them to be careful and stay away from the Iselia Human Ranch. Genis seems a bit worried but Lloyd promises them that he hasn't been around it at all. They leave the village and enter the Iselia Forest.

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