Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough/Dragon's Nest

From the overworld, fly to the Southwest area of your map using your swanky new Rheiards. After a period of time, you'll be hovering over a small area with a bunch of graves. Remember this location, as we'll be visiting it later. Go north from here, and you should find a cloudy ball in the sky. This is your destination.

[edit] The Heroic Rescue Attempt

As soon as you enter, you'll be in the middle of a cutscene. Lloyd will start shouting for Colette, but she's very obviously trapped in a little prison of energy. After everyone lands on the small island, Rodyle will appear, and the party will attempt to cut him down. The party learns that she has been deemed a failure of a Chosen, and Regal and Presea began to fight for Colette's pride. Colette warns the party as Rodyle calls his "pets" to eat the heroes. The party, however, is resolute, and engages in combat with them.

[edit] Boss: Winged Dragon & 2 Baby Dragons

Winged Dragon HP: 18000
TP: 400
No Strengths/Weaknesses
Baby Dragon x2 Individual Stats
HP: 12000
TP: 800
No Strengths/Weaknesses

Yes, this battle is a pain. The Winged Dragon moves in and out of his tube, and it's difficult to hit him with ground attacks. I recommend taking on the Baby Dragons first, with a party of Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and Zelos/Presea. As the dragons have no elemental affiliation, any weapons/armor can be used, though Lloyd's Dragon Tooth is extremely helpful. Watch out for the Winged Dragon's Nest Crack technique. Make sure you're always on both offense and defense, as resorting to one or the other will result in an immediate death for one or more of your party members.

[edit] Rescuing the Heroine

After finally defeating the monsters, the power circle underneath Colette will burst. Regal claims that the light is "threatening to engulf [the party]", and Genis exclaims that it is Colette's mana shooting out of her body. Nobody can move, but Presea's resolution to save the Chosen overpowers the circle's bind, and she uses her axe to strike down the circle. Afterwards, all of them fly off, and the island explodes into tiny pieces all around.

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