Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough/Part 2


[edit] Outside the Martel Temple (Battles: Lloyd)

Path 2: So...remember that choice you made earlier? Well, here it is. If you didn't choose Path 2, then skip over this next sentence. During this scene, the pastor dies, instead of dying at the Iselia schoolhouse. Colette goes back into airhead mode, talking about how bright the Oracle is, and Lloyd tries to knock some sense into her. It works...eventually.

When the scene is over, you'll regain control, so go up the stairs. This just starts another scene...these are getting pretty boring now, aren't they? Here, you find a man and two other men (possibly a commander and two soldiers?). Well, if you pay attention to the scene, you'll find out that the Commander's name is Botta. They laugh at being called Desians however, so...that seems fishy, don'tcha think? Anyways, the two Desians run after you, which means you're about to go into battle.

This is an easy fight that requires literally no skill, but if you want GRADE, go ahead and guard against the Desians' attacks, then slash away like there's no tomorrow. No big deal...until both of the Desians are dead. That's when a big guy comes in, swinging a chain-link ball, and holding a huge hammer. He's obviously not one that you want to make angry.

BUT you already have, when you attacked the Desians (well, you actually provoked them...but no difference, right?). This is simple enough...just knock him out with Lloyd. About halfway through the battle, there's a cutscene where the group is getting tired, and Lloyd says that he's tough. Vidaar (that's the big guy's name by the way) attacks your group, but a mysterious man comes up...we'll just call him ??? for now. He assists you in this battle, and he makes it a lot easier.

After the battle, Lloyd is in awe of this guy, but he's also mad because ??? is better than him. After a few exchanges, you find out that ???'s real name is Kratos, and that he's a mercenary. He accepts the job of guarding the Chosen, which was honestly never given to him, but only if he gets paid. So...you've got a new arrogant tightwad to work with, but he's really good with a sword.

WRITER INJECTION: This is where I switched to Kratos for battles, so...I just find he's a lot easier to use compared to Lloyd, Genis and Colette. However, you should only use him if you're ready for slow Melee combat, since unless you really understand the concept of combo, that's all you're going to get. Plus, he's not all that good right now in battle, but he is a lot better than Lloyd when used right. I personally don't recommend him unless you've played this game before.

[edit] Inside Martel Temple (Battles: Kratos)

Well, as soon as you enter the Temple, guess what you get? Yup, another cutscene. Kratos nags Lloyd about his sword skills, and gives him the Training Manual. This can be found in the Items section of the menu, under the Key Items subsection. It just explains the game a little bit more, and it really explains combos (so check it out if you're a Kratos player, as it WILL help you a bit), so it's just something to look at every now and then if you've got a question about the Battle System.

Okay, here's the way I do stuff...to make the game easier, I'm going to tell you to battle every battle in order to grind, and I may tell you to fight one monster over and over again (there are only 3 monsters I will do that with in the entire game, and you're about to meet one of them), so don't get annoyed. Just skip over it if you want.

First, go to the left and fight the monster there. It will consist of a mix of a Spider monster, Jelly monster, Ghost or a Zombie. All of these monsters are pretty easy, but of course, with the addition of two new monsters, things can get weird. Here's a mini-description of the Spider and Jelly.

Spider: This guy can be annoying if you allow him to be. He's one of the few monsters in the game that can attack faster than any of your characters, so make sure to Guard when he attacks. As soon as he stops, launch your attacks on him. I personally used Kratos' 3 Slashes, then a Demon Fang, then I guarded, since I knew what his next attack would be. If Lloyd is assisting Kratos (or anyone for that matter), there's no need to Guard, and you can just continue slashing until he dies. This guy will be one of your most hated enemies in this area, so...I warned you.

Jelly: He's not too annoying. He does have one attack that could interrupt Genis' spellcasting, which may get on your nerves once in a while. However, it's no big deal. He shoots a ball out of his body, which goes flying. Just make sure that YOU are standing in front of it, not Genis, and always guard against this attack. He also has one combo attack, but if you can keep him staggered, he shouldn't be an issue. Just slash away, like you have for all of the enemies so far.

Alright, back to the actual game, just finish this battle, then head to the "Right" section from the middle. Don't go up yet...that's for later. You should run into 2(?) enemies on this path, but they're the same things: rediculously easy. So, just go off and kill them, then go down the stairs you see above.

Continue going down, and the group will see the Sorcerer's Ring. Then, you see a big Golem. Of course, Colette wants to play with it. (she's REALLY airheaded right now, it gets better, I promise.) Of course, it wants to fight, so...you have to fight a giant Golem.

Okay, he may look hard, but he's not. I don't consider him a boss, but I don't consider him a normal enemy either. Let's call him a Respawning Icon for now, okay? To start the battle, run up to him and guard. If you don't guard, you'll probably be pushed back. After he stops his attack (which is either spinning or smashing his fists into the ground), slash away and hope that your AI's are smart enough to keep the combo going when you stop. Otherwise, you're going to have to repeat the Guard process. Knowing how to Backstep is also a big help in this battle, and the way you do that is pressing the Guard button, then pressing the opposite direction of which you're facing on the Control Stick. This helps more when he's slamming his fists into the ground than when he is spinning. Anyways, this Respawning Icon has a bit of health, so wither it down with your sword.

After the battle...well, Colette's really clumsy, as we've seen from that hole in the wall. She knocks the block that is made by the Golem down into the hole. This is where you see why I call the Golem a Respawning Icon...he respawns every time the Block is pushed into a hole (this DOES stop after a while though), and the Block creation happens everytime he's beat. Technically, he is a Respawning Icon.

Now, beat him up again, then push it into the Top Right, Top Left or Bottom Center Hole. Do this until your characters are around Level 8 (this is one of those moments that I tell you to fight the monster over and over again...we've got a long while until the next, so...don't look for it), as that level should help your characters out for a long time. This is where we pick back up with the actual storyline.

First, beat him once more. Push him into the Right Center hole. Beat him again (this guy's probably getting old by now...), and push him down the Left Center once more. Now, go down the stairs that are leading from the Holo-Platform to the ground, and go up the right area. Go left (over the block that you pushed into the Right Center), and push this block that you just pushed into the Left Center to the left...that was probably confusing, huh? Oh well. Go up these stairs, beat the enemy, and grab the item. Honestly, it's not an important item, but it helps in the 100% quest.

Now, go back up the stairs, and beat the Golem. Push him down the Right Center this time. Do the same thing as before, but the opposite way (start on left instead of right).

Once more, you need to go up the stairs. This will get old eventually, if it hasn't already. This time, DO NOT beat the Golem. Go up the stairs on the Left Section after you're back up on the Holo-Platform. It will take you to the same room you were in earlier, but...it's different this time. If you go down, you'll find 3 Treasure Chests, which is what you need. They're full of more useless items, but they can be used for battle and such. Make sure you beat the monsters if you haven't already, and head back.

Now, resume your Golem pummeling. However, you're going to push the Block down the Center Top hole this time. A Golem should respawn, so beat him up. Push him down the Center Top once more, and...well, you should get it by now. Go down to the Ground area, and push the block that you just pushed into the water. Now, go up the stairs that are directly in front of you, and you obtain the Sorcerer's Ring. Yay, you get to shoot fire now. Head back a little bit, Save, and fight that monster. After you've beaten it, go back up to the Holo-Platform, and beat the two monsters there. Now, take the right exit.

Beat the monsters (this is going to get old eventually by the way, since you're going to hear it almost everywhere in this walkthrough...try a Ctrl+F on this page and see how many times "beat" shows up), then go to the Center area you were in when you first entered the Martel Temple. NOW you go up.

When you go up, use the Sorcerer's Ring on that door, and it will break the seal, which opens the door. Use the portal.

So, here's a big changing point in the story. Colette accepts the Oracle from an angel known as Remiel, and you get an AMV cutscene, which shows the Tower of Salvation and it's height of infinity. For some strange reason, the group starts calling Remiel Colette's father, so...yeah. He never actually confirms it, but he does call Colette his daughter. I was still suspicious, but oh well. Anyways, when the scene is over, try to take the portal, and Colette and Kratos leave on their own. Meaning, I switched back to Lloyd for battles here, which really doesn't help with training. Eh.

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