Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough/Part 3


[edit] Inside Martel Temple (Battles: Lloyd)

So, if you've done all the battles like you're supposed to, Lloyd should have Sonic Thrust and Tiger Blade. Before we get on to the rest of the walkthrough, I'd like to go ahead and set Lloyd up for you. NOTE: This is my personal set up, and I used this for the majority of the first runthrough, only changing it to the upgrades of each attack, and with each new attack it was probably changed.

First Slot: Demon Fang
Second Slot: Tiger Blade
Third Slot: (empty)
Fourth Slot: Sonic Thrust
Fifth Slot (detail soon): Genis Fire Ball
Sixth Slot (detail soon): Genis Wind Blade (if you have Aqua Edge, use that instead)

Now, the first four slots are pretty self explanatory. However, the next two slots may be a bit confusing. In order to set them up, click on the slot, and your cursor will go to the character's name. Now, you can pick different characters here, and you can use different techs. Since you only have Lloyd and Genis, it's probably better to pick Genis instead of duplicating one of Lloyd's techs. Duplicating a tech is going to be useless right now, so don't do it. Whenever you use Slots 5 and 6, you have access to shortcuts, meaning you have two available techs that are both extra and usable by anyone. These help sooo much when you're trying to combo and get grade, so I'd definitely take advantage of it if you could.

Now that that's over with, we can continue with the real walkthrough section. Exit the Martel Temple by going back the way you came, and remember; fight all of the enemies. You don't have to repeat fight anything here unless you want to, since there's nothing that spawns over and over again. That save point is still there, so I'd recommend using that. Well, that's the basics...so...yeah. You get a comedic skit before you leave, where Raine slaps Genis and kicks Lloyd for leaving school. Then, you hear a "MARVELOUS!". That's Raine, but Genis won't tell you, and Lloyd can't get it out of him. You won't find her if you go back inside either, so it's pointless to try.

[edit] Outside the Martel Temple (Battles: Lloyd)

Simple stuff...just leave this area overall.

[edit] Overworld (Battles: Lloyd)

After leaving the Martel Temple, you can train on the Overworld or head straight to Iselia. It really doesn't make a difference, since there isn't a major battle until later. When we get there, you'll know, and I'll tell you to grind when you need to grind.

[edit] Iselia (Battles: Lloyd)

After saving at the save point beside the school, head to Colette's house. To get there, take this first area you are in, then head right. When you go to the next screen (path to your right), you'll see Colette's house. It's huge, and it stands out from every other building in the entire village (minus Genis' and Raine's house and the School Building), so you won't miss it.

Basically, there's a scene here where you find out that Kratos and Raine are going to accompany Colette on the Journey of World Regeneration, and Lloyd and Genis want to go with them. However, they're not allowed to...just yet. So, Lloyd and Genis leave the house, and Colette comes rushing after them. She tells them stuff, and Genis mentions her birthday, and gives her some cookies. Lloyd forgot her birthday (what a good best friend), but tells her he just hasn't finished her present yet. So, he has to go home and finish her present. Of course, Genis sees right through this lie.

When it's over, you need to go to Genis' house and pick up some of his stuff, since he's going to visit a friend. This sounds really sappy the way I worded it, but you'll understand later. So, go down, then left into the next area. Go left here, and take the left curve up. That big house is Genis'. Surprise, right? I guess teachers get special benefits. So, Lloyd and Genis run inside to get some Sandwich ingredients. Lloyd makes fun of Genis, and Genis lectures him about how Gels are expensive, and cooking is a good way to keep your health up. Actually, listen to him, because it's kind of important.

When that's all over, try to leave the village THE SOUTH WAY!!!! If you go the North way, you'll just go back to the Martel Temple once again, and I KNOW you don't want that. When you get down there to the South Gate, you'll see a conversation between the Gatekeepers and Lloyd, and you meet Lloyd's pet..."dog"...Noishe. They're arguing about whether Noishe is really a dog or not. You see how stubborn Lloyd is? Well, maybe it's not that he's stubborn, but that he's really, really stupid.

Anyways, when you leave, go west, and you'll enter the Iselia Forest. Ready? Here we go.

[edit] Iselia Forest - Part 1 (Battles: Lloyd)

When you get here, you see Noishe run off. In a minute, you'll see how weird this actually is, because he can't actually get to his home this way...but he gets back home. Strange, right?

Anyways, you just see a bunch of hills and stuff that you need to go up. Fight the monsters along the way (if you reach Level 11-12 here, you'll get Sword Rain, which is personally my favorite attack), and take all of the paths in order to get as many items. The majority of these items are healing items, and they're pretty helpful for this point in the game.

[edit] Iselia Human Ranch - First Visit (Battles: Lloyd)

Now, when you reach the mid-point of the Forest (you'll see a Save Point), go towards the save point, then go left (after saving of course!), and you'll see a scene where Lloyd tries to stop Genis from going in here. It doesn't work. Anyways, he runs in, and yada yada, some stuff happens. Go to the left, and you'll meet Marble, who's like a Grandmother to Genis. They talk about some stuff, then the Desians find Marble.

Go to the right and jump up the ledges. Before you land on the top-left ledge, go to the top-right ledge and open the chest. Now, go to the top-left. Genis gives you some cookies, then shoots the Desians with Fireballs. Little turd. Whatever. You're about to enter a battle with the Desians.

Despite the fact that this battle is relatively easy, you still need to take caution, especially if you're playing on Hard Mode. If you don't know how to Guard, read this walkthrough again. All of it. Every single bit of it, because that means you weren't paying attention. Just kidding, but you should know how to Guard. This is a simple battle. You need to guard and cut. But, you don't have Genis to assist you, so no Fire Ball or Wind Blade or whatever else Genis has.

After this battle, Lloyd jumps down the mountain, and you see a man with blue hair and something around his arm (robotic arm, possibly?) talking about how a human could never make that kind of jump...strange, yes?

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