Tales of Symphonia Walkthrough/Tethe'alla Base

After exiting the Temple of Lightning, head to the ring of islands in the northeastern section of the Tethe'alla world map. You will see a small building in the middle of these islands. Navigate through, and enter the Tethe'alla Base. Upon entry, Orochi and a spy from Mizuho will confront you, and your party will enter the base. After briefing, you are free to roam around as you choose.


[edit] Preparation

Stock up. There is an item vendor nearby that allows you to purchase all of the basic healing items. Though you are able to heal with Orochi at any time during this dungeon, it is a long trek back. A full inventory of Apple Gels, Orange Gels, and Life Bottles is recommended. If your health is not already full, speak to Orochi. Save your game, change your Sorcerer's Ring, and head through the only available door.

[edit] Obtain the Passwords

[edit] Passwords #1 + #2

Inside the first room, there are three human-type enemies. They are easy experience, so it's recommended that you fight them. Head first to the room on your right. Once you're in there, you'll find a laser blocking your way if you want to continue on. Move the blue block down one place, then right one spot. Go forward, and you'll find an overworld Desian in a small corridor. At your level, this battle should go quickly. If you defeat him, the party will obtain the first part of the pass code.

Take the north section now. In the next room, push the block to the left, then up, to bypass both laser defense systems, and head through the door. Fix the block so that it allows your character to go left, and continue on. Fighting the purple Desian will give you the second pass code. Go up the nearby stairs and use your Sorcerer's Ring on the power receptor. Go down to the switch that was just activated, and engage the lift.

[edit] Password #3

Return to the large central room and take the left door this time. Go through the available path (north) and take the first hallway to the left. Go through the door, and you'll be in an office similar to the one at the Sylvarant Base. Open the chest to get an Ex Gem Lv3, then fight the Desian dressed in blue to get the final pass code. After obtaining this code, continue north into the next room. Look familiar? It's where you activated the lift earlier. Fight the Raybit here to get the Memory Gym for this dungeon. Go forward until you can pull the block, and drag it to a small opening in the rails. Drop it onto the laser system to reveal some treasure.

Return to the room on the left of the central area. Move the block to allow you to continue left. On the far side of the room, you will be able to enter a small closet that contains the Card of Ice. The closest door contains an EX Gem Lv2.

[edit] Entering the Passwords

Return to the right side of the building. Make your way to the lower half of the lift room, and you'll be able to open the treasure chests. One contains the Lightning Sword, a Zelos weapon, while the other holds the Dragon Tooth, a Lloyd weapon. Head back to the room before and take the north exit this time. As soon as you enter the massive room, unlock the Memory Seal and save your game once again.

[edit] The Puzzle

Yes, this looks a little overwhelming at first. Don't worry too much about it though - it's easy after you start. Push the two free blocks into the empty slots along the wall in the left crevice. Walk along them, and open the chest to get Lavender. Now, fire your Sorcerer's Ring from an angle to activate the nearby switch. Now, place one block on the lift and go up with it. Push it one spot onto the nearby ledge and return to the first floor. Go to the stairs on the right side, open the chest, and grab the Silver Mail, armor for Zelos and Lloyd. Go up the multiple stairways to the left, then down, and pull the block to the right. Push it down into the gap below, then climb on top and shoot the switch with your Sorcerer's Ring. Return to the first floor, and drag a block all the way over to the recently-powered lift. Ride it up, then go all the way to the left, across the bridge. Go up to get the Beam Shield, a shield for Zelos. Ride the lift down, and push the block into the small gap to obtain an Ex. Gem Lv3. Push the block you brought up on the lift into a gap near the treasure chest to get a Tomahawk Lance for Presea. Exit and re-enter the room, then place another block on the same lift. This time, push the block into the spot among the wall. Ride the nearby lift, and examine the switch near the door to input your pass codes.

1st Phrase 2nd Phrase 3rd Phrase

[edit] Boss: Botta and Yuan

Head through the door to find the Rheiards!...and Yuan and Botta. After a short, extremely cliché cutscene, the pair will enter battle with you.

Yuan HP: 16000
TP: 652
Strong against Lightning
Botta HP: 12000
TP: 580
Strong against Earth

Yes, this battle is hard. Start by tackling Yuan, as he's your biggest threat to your spellcasters. I recommend a party of Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and Zelos/Presea for this battle. If Yuan uses his Lightning Havoc, run away immediately. Without lightning-resistant armor, you will take at least 600 damage, which could be a major blow to you at this point, especially considering the Stun time. As soon as Yuan is down, which may take quite a while and multiple Life Bottles, Botta should follow pretty quickly. If he casts Ground Dasher, quickly jump into the air using Tempest or a variation of it, or you'll get hit for major damage.

After the battle, you'll get a quick cutscene, then you're free to travel the world on your Rheiards. Time to save Colette!

[edit] Possible Enemies

Common Enemies Evil Warrior Foot Soldier Commander Raybit
3800 HP // 150 TP 2900 HP // 163 TP 4800 HP // 150 TP 5000 HP // 38 TP
Yuan HP: 16000
TP: 652
Strong against Lightning
Botta HP: 12000
TP: 580
Strong against Earth

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