Tales of Xillia 2

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Release Date JP November 1st, 2012
EU August 22, 2014
Na August 22, 2014
Language Japanese, English
Animation Ufotable
Console PS3
Tales of Xillia 2 was announced June 2nd, 2012 at Tales Festival. It was released on November 1st 2012 and is scheduled to be released in North America and Europe in 2014. It follows the story of Ludger Will Kresnik and his cat Lulu. It is set one year after the events of Tales of Xillia, on the world of Elympios.

Xillia 2 will use the XDR-LMBS. This allows characters to switch completely from battle style to battle style. For example, Ludger can use a Twin Blade, Twin Pistols, and a Hammer.

This game also changes depending on which decisions you make through the game. For example, in one scene Ludger and Elle are being shot at on a train and it shows two options pop up on screen. You can either rush the shooter or surrender yourself. Different outcomes of each decision are present throughout the game. Although there isn't exactly countless paths, things can change on each playthrough.

The first three characters revealed were Ludger (with his cat Lulu) and Elle. Ludger is the main character who is also playable (which main characters tend to be) but Elle is the second main character not to be playable in the series. The other being Claire in Tales of Rebirth. Ludger is also a first for the series. The first main protagonist to be silent. The other new character is Julius Will Kresnik, Ludgar's brother. The rest of Xillia 1's cast will be returning to be playable.

Xillia 2 starts with Ludger being in a massive amount of debt. As you progress through the story and gain gald, you'll be able to pay off your debt to access new areas and progress through the game.

The characters are designed by Tales Series art director Daigo Okamura, a Bandai Namco illustrator.

[edit] Battle System

Tales of Xillia 2 uses the XDR-LMBS. It's supposed to be kind of a mix between Graces' battle style and Xillia's. Also, different characters may have different abilities during battle. For example, Ludgar has his weapon shift style where he shifts between swords, pistols, and a hammer.

Ludgar will also feature a special ability, called Corpse Shell mode, that let's him shift dimensions during battle. Time seems to stop, and Ludgar himself changes form. He gets various power-ups in this form.

For the other characters, the battle system is much like Tales of Xillia's. More Link Artes are included along with new artes.

[edit] Protagonists

Ludger Will Kresnik
Elle Mel Martha
Jude Mathis
Milla Maxwell
Leia Rolando
Elize Lutas
Rowen J. Ilbert

[edit] Localization

In July 6th, 2013 at Japan Festival in France, Tales of Xillia 2 was announced for localization for both North America and Europe. It will arrive sometime in 2014, likely after Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

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