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[edit] How to Help

Hello and welcome! If you're reading this, I can only assume that means you intend on contributing to the wiki. Thank you for your time and your contributions!

In order to help you familiarize yourself with the structure of things here on the NeoWiki, below are some basic guidelines that I would appreciate you following as you go forth and contribute.

[edit] Categories

Because this is a large wiki with aims to become even larger, we have a myriad of different categories to use to organize pages. You can find a list of ALL of them right here. Generally, each page will have a few different categories, depending on what it's actually about. If an article you're writing pertains to a game, then the category will be for that game. If a category for that game happens to not exist, you are encouraged to make one! Each game has its own myriad of sub-categories as well that you will also be expected to use depending on what the article you're contributing is about. Generally speaking, the structure of all the categories goes "Thing (Game)". So for instance, Graces characters are all put under the "Characters (Graces)" category. Those categories are then also split into further sub-categories depending on the importance of the character. Please use as many categories and sub-categories as your article logically needs.

[edit] Canon vs Not Canon

While we here at the NeoWiki don't discourage a bit of speculation in the articles, we ask that you try and keep your articles as canon fact-based as possible. If what you're writing about is not given a lot of canon coverage, then you're allowed to write your article using theory and speculation, however we ask that you please cite all canon sources that brought you to those conclusions.

[edit] Referencing

We do not allow direct copying and pasting from other wikis unless the source is in the public domain (such as Wikipedia). Instead, we appreciate if you would use references when editing and writing your articles. You can find the code and such for making references and reference lists under the Help area of the editing bar when you're editing a page, under the Referencing section. Ideally, your article should look something like this when it's using canon-sourced references.

We require these on anything said in an article that requires a citation. You do not have to have citation on everything, as you're allowed and encouraged to buffer the referenced areas with text that either describes the obvious (such as an appearance), or paraphrases known game occurrences, like cutscenes and story events.

Kirvee (talk) 22:25, 7 August 2014 (PDT)

[edit] Old Stuff

[edit] Categories

We have categories for a reason. It'd be nice if you could use them and stuff. --Karis 02:02, 13 January 2010 (UTC)

[edit] Clean Up

Alright, I've cleaned up the talk page. All unimportant stuff has been deleted. It was too crowded for me to leave any Staff Announcements. I'll start that up now though, and they can also be found on the Main Page. --Karis 02:02, 13 January 2010 (UTC)

[edit] Main Page

This has been locked, and updated with the help of User:Relmutsie AN. We changed the colors and layout, and I'll soon be adding a "Announcements from Staff" (name may vary) section. Be sure to read this when you come to the NeoWiki. This will assure me that you know what you're doing, and what to do through me. I don't like leaving Wikis unmanaged and without Staff, so I'm adding that section. Read it! --Karis 02:02, 13 January 2010 (UTC)

[edit] Update to go with New Theme

As any of you editors can now tell, I've updated the theme (with a few tips from Prometheusx303), and the Main Page has been changed to fit this. I do plan on going back to look at it, and I'll take C&C (Something & Criticism iirc), yeah. Basically, any Constructive Criticism is welcome! Thanks. --Karis (Pokemon Staff) 23:06, 14 September 2010 (UTC)