Tear Grants

Tear Grants

Tear Grants, the Healer
Age 16
Weapon Staff
First Apperance Tales of the Abyss
Other Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Hometown Yulia City
Family Vandesdelca Grants, Teodoro

Mystearica Aura Fende (メシュティアリカ・アウラ・フェンデ, Meshutiarika Aura Fende?), better known as Tear Grants (ティア・グランツ, Tia Gurantsu) is a playable character in the game Tales of the Abyss


[edit] Brief Overview:

Tear Grants is the sister of Dorian General Commandant Van Grants. When we first meet her she is seen as the antagonist who breaks into the Fon Fabre Manor located in Baticul, Kimlasca-Lanveldear. It wasn't known why she was there until she confronts and subsequently, attacks Van during the middle of a training exercise. In an effort to try to stop her she comes into contact with Luke Fon Fabre who successfully parries her attack. Unbeknownst to them however, they're both Seventh Fonists and they cause a 'Hyperresonance' that transport them both halfway across the world into Tataroo Valley, a Malkuth Territory. And it isn't long before both Tear and Luke learn that the world is in peril and do what they can to save it.

[edit] Hod and the Qliphoth

Mystearica "Tear" Grants was born in the Qliphoth after the destruction of her home, Hod, a territory of the Malkuth Empire, during the Hod war, a war prophesied in Yulia's Score. As their home sunk into the lower lands of Auldrant her brother, Vandelsca "Van" Grants, sung a fonic hymn which saved his life and that of his pregnant mother. It was there where he discovered the existence of the Qliphoth. Shortly after arriving to Yulia City in the Qliphoth, their mother gave birth to Tear but died in the process. Tear was left to be raised by both her brother and the mayor of Yulia City, Teodoro.

[edit] Growing up in Yulia City

She grew to young adulthood learning of her heritage as one of the descendent's of Yulia, the person responsible for the Score. And taught the sacred fonic hymns by Van, as she was a Seventh Fonist. Van remained in the Qliphoth for only a few years before he joined the Order of Lorelei as one of its Oracle Knights. However, Van did come to visit her. And when she came of an appropriate age he sent one of his allies, Major Legretta, to train her in the art of fighting as well as controlling the Fonic Artes. Tear grew into a confidant fighter during her training. However, rumors began to surface of her brother and she left her home to return to the Outer Lands. Traveling to Daath, the headquarters of the Order of Lorelei, she was inducted into the Order and worked closely with Grand Maestro Mohs. Eventually, the Grand Maestro entrusted her with an important task that would help her on her way to a destiny that was already prophesied.

[edit] Destiny At Work

While Tear loved her brother, rumors of his actions made her question a lot of his motives, and it would lead both siblings to a confrontation. On her first true journey in the Outer Lands she found herself in Baticul in order to confront Van. She infiltrated the Fon Fabre Manor and caused everyone inside to fall asleep as she searched for Van. It wasn't long before she found him in the courtyard of the manor and attacked him. However she hadn't planned on coming in direct confrontation with a young man named Luke Fon Fabre, the son of Duke Fabre, and a student of Van who managed to parry with her weapon. In the process, both Tear and Luke caused a hyperresonance, as they were both Seventh Fonists, that transported them both across the sea to Tataroo Valley, a territory in the Malkuth Empire. Feeling guilty for involving Luke in her conflict against her brother she decides to do all she can to bring him back to his home. Whilst traveling out of Tataroo Valley they come across a Coachman who agrees to take them to the Capital for a price. She gives him a necklace that once belonged to her mother and they set off across the land towards the Capital. During their time in the carriage they see a giant landship chasing another carriage and they learn that those being chased are a gang of rogues known as the Dark Wings. After a brief warning from the landship, Luke and Tears carriage swerves but they hear the sounds of an explosion. The bridge they just crossed was destroyed. As they ride further towards the Capital they come to find out that the Capital they're headed to is the one of Malkuth and not Baticul, Kimlascas Capital.

They ask to be dropped off at Engeve where she and Luke decide their next course of action, as the bridge back in the direction of Kimlasca was destroyed by the band of rogues. After a brief conversation with a local they learn they can return to Kimlasca using a southern checkpoint known as Kaitzur. Deciding to stock up on supplies before heading out Luke and Tear decide to stay in Engeve where a simple action of, Luke taking an apple without paying would come an accusation of Luke being a thief who stole food from the Village for weeks. It's during this time that they meet Colonel Jade Curtiss an officer for the Malkuth Military, Fon Master Ion, and Anise Tatlin, all future allies and friends. Luke irked that he would be accused of the crime convinces Tear to help him look for evidence of the real culprits.

As they enter the Cheagle Woods Tear and Luke find Fon Master Ion surrounded by monsters. As they go in to help them they watch as Ion performs a Daathic Fonic Artes and destroys the monsters. Afterward he collapses from the strain of using such a powerful Arte. Luke and Tear introduce themselves to him and the party of three set off further into the Cheagle Woods to find proof and investigate why the Cheagles were sneaking into Engeve and stealing their food as Cheagles were Herbivores of a peaceful nature. After finding the Cheagle Nest they come to find out that one of the Cheagle Children set fire to a part of the forest where dangerous Ligers live and the Ligers moved further down to where the Cheagles were as a means to hunt them. They Tear, Luke, and Ion decide to seek out the Ligers and speak to them but not before the Cheagler Elder sent a translator with them, the child responsible for the fire, Mieu.

They come across a Liger lair deep within the Cheagle Woods and they seek out the Liger Queen. After a brief conversation with Mieu she attacks and Luke and Tear do everything in their power to stop her. After a long battle they realize that the Queen is too powerful. At the last moment they get some unexpected aid from Colonel Jade Curtiss who had come to the woods in hopes of finding Ion. After Jade gets rid of the Liger Queen with ease the group leaves the Cheagle Woods only to have Jade arrest Tear and Luke for emitting a seventh fonon frequency. Once aboard the Tartarus they explained what occurred and then Jade asks for their aid in trying to prevent war. After deciding to help, the Tartarus is attacked by the Largo, of the God Generals and they find themselves fighting for their lives.

[edit] Trip Back to Baticul

After a brief stop to St. Binah, the city closest to the Tartarus at the time it was commandeered, they head for the Fubras River upon learning that the south bridge towards Kaitzur had been destroyed. As they near the exit out of the Fubras River they are confronted by Arietta the Wild who speaks of her hatred towards the group for killing her "mommy", the Liger Queen of the Cheagle Woods. But as they're about to fight an earthquake occurs and miasma rises up from the ground knocking Arietta unconscious. At that moment Tear reveals part of her heritage as she sings one of Yulia's Sacred Fonic Hymns in order to create a force field to protect the group. This incurs the curiosity of Jade who later questions her about it and she reveals that the Hymns are passed down from generation to generation, although she doesn't know of the validity that her family are truly descendent's of Yulia.

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