Tenebrae, Servant of Ratatosk
First Appearance Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Other Appearances None
Weapons None
Age 10,000+
Voice Actor Terrence Stone

Tenebrae(テネブラエ, Teneburae) is a non-playable character in the game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

[edit] Introduction

Tenebrae is the Centurion of Darkness and a servant of Lord Ratatosk. As the Centurion of Darkness, Tenebrae has control over darkness elemental monsters and can make them fight on his behalf. Tenebrae's "home" of sorts is the Temple of Darkness behind a wall that is unnoticed in the original Tales of Symphonia. Tenebrae is called a darkness maniac as he feels more comfortable in dark places and tells the party about the quality of darkness they are in. Tenebrae speaks using very proper english and is often made fun of for this. Despite being the more mature member of the group, Tenebrae often makes jokes to lift the mood though not all of them are great, causing Emil and Marta to either be confused or groan at his attempts at humor. Tenebrae is often mistaken as a dog and takes offense to being called such.

Tenebrae cares very much for the party and when a monster with a bomb grabs Emil he takes the monster into the sky and lets it explode, saving Emil but it damage is too much for Tenebrae and he is sent back to his alter at the Temple of Darkness. Emil, Marta and the party go to the Temple and get Tenebrae back and the journey continues with everyone having a new found appreciation for Tenebrae

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