[edit] Titles

You will receive a new title after you meet a specific set of conditions. Titles are proof of a deeds, and otherwise, just a fun thing to collect in the game.

[edit] Cress

Title Description
Apprentice Swordsman Follower of the Albane Style of swordfighting
Swordsman One who learns the Albane Style Demonic Swallow Kick
Battle Master Swordsman who reaches lv. 30
Sword Master Swordsman who reaches lv.50
Fencer Swordsman who reaches lv.60 and has learned a number of Secret Skills.
Advanced Fencer Swordmen who reaches lv. 70 and has learned all the Deadly Skills.
Master Fencer Swordsmen who has mastered many of the Secret Skills and gained a vast amount of experience.
Acting Master A swordsman a step away from the Master and Father of the Albane style of swordfighting.
Samurai Proof that one wields the legendary Samurai Sword.
Master of Secrets The ultimate secret of the Albane Style (A+B+L+R)
Combo Master Proof that one has obtained the combo counter and Combo command.
Champion One who wins the battle tournament.
Eternal Swordsman One who has obtained the Eternal Sword.
Ishitori Master You indeed are the great master of Ishitori!
Gilgamesh Proof that one has obtained all the legendary weapons and armor of an ancient hero.
Mach Lad You have defeated the Mach Lad. This title proves the swiftness of your feet.
Berserker One who has been through a considerable number of tough battles.

[edit] Mint

Title Description
Healer A healer in training.
Cleric A healer who has reached lv.7
Priestess A healer who has reached lv.12
Bishop A healer who has reached lv. 20
Archbishop Title given to only the chosen healer.
Cardinal The one deemed to be the greatest Healer.
Perfect Lady A woman blessed with both talent and beauty.
Snob Title given when one doen't give one's name when being introduced.
Cupid Proof that one has caused Nancy and Elwin to fall in love.
Glamour Queen Said to be surprisingly glamourous.
Maiden Proof that one is a pure maiden, as sanctioned by a unicorn.
Piano Teacher A wandering Piano teacher. A good student always listens to the teacher.

[edit] Chester

Title Description
Hunter A bowman in training.
Ranger A bowman who reaches lv.5
Archer A bowman who reaches lv.10
Sniper A bowman who reaches lv.30
Shooter A title given only to the chosen bowman.
Striker The one deemed to be the greatest Archer.
Selfless Man A brother who has raised his precious kid sister all by himself.
Kind Brother A brother who is kind to his kid sister.
Hard worker One who has trained more than others.
Bad Boy Title given by Arche.
Mach Man You are Mach Man, fastest in the land!
Muscle Man Even Cress admitted this. Oh my, look at those abs...
Fervent Man One who has intense feelings. The most honorable of men.

[edit] Arche

Title Description
Magic User One who can use magic.
Witch A magic user who has learned 5 spells.
Mage A magic user who has learned 10 spells.
Sorceress A magic user who has learned 15 spells.
Wizard A Magic User who has learned 20 spells.
Spell Master A Magic User who has mastered all magic.
True Scholar Proof that one is well versed in a wide range of academic subjects.
True Friend Proof that one is a true friend.
Delicate Flower A young lady who has an unusually feminine side.
Thin Girl It seems people are jealous of my thin figure.
Negotiator A woman who tries to solve everything through persuasion.
Terrible Cook A disgraceful title reserved for failed chefs. Their goal is redemption.

[edit] Claus

Title Description
Summoner A scholar who studies the art of summoning.
Tamer One who was able to forge a pact with a spirit.
Subduer One who received help from Maxwell
Dominator One who received help from Origin.
Warlock Proof that one has forged a considerable number of summoning pacts.
Master Summoner Proof that one is the ultimate Summoner and has forged all possible summoning pacts.
Happy Fellow Proof of a privilaged life. Don't you realize how lucky you are?
Monster Hunter Proof that all enemies have been encountered.
Treasure Hunter Proof that one has found the treasures of Ifreed the Pirate. The greatest treasure is love.
Lucky Man A man who is looked after by a caring woman.
Hopeless Romantic One who involved in a long-distance relationship that transcends time.

[edit] Suzu

Title Description
Sparrow Ninja A female Ninja in training.
Raven Ninja A female Ninja who has reached lv.20
Swallow Ninja A female ninja who has reached lv. 30
Falcon Ninja A female ninja who has reached lv.40
Hawk Ninja Title given only to the chosen female Ninja.
Crane Ninja The title given only to the one deemed to be the greatest female ninja.
Ninja Master The title given only to the one that attains all the ninja skills.
Cold Heart The burden of this title must be carried along with the law of the Ninja.
Future Chief The one who is expected to be the next chief of the Ninja Village.
Sweet Tooth One who likes sweets.
Sneaker One who has overcome the Five Trials.
Smitten Girl My body tingled when I first met him. It was electric. Could it be love?

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