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[edit] Geography

Toltus rests between one big mountain and one small mountain. It is located near the Southern Forest, which is a common place for hunting. If you go straight north, you will run into a pathway to Euclid.

Toltus is a very small town. It has water flowing through it, a village bell in the case of an emergency, a Church, a few houses and some shops. This town isn't very busy in the present, but it is instead filled with dirt, a bridge and some trees here and there. The only places of importance are Chester's house and Cress' house. However, despite the fact that it is small, it's much more organized than it's future counterpart.

[edit] Important Residents

  • Cress Albane - A young man who has lived in Toltus all his life. He is friends with many residents. His childhood friend is a boy by the name of Chester, who also goes hunting with Cress.
  • Chester Barklight - A young man who has lived in Toltus most, if not all of his life. He has watched over his little sister, Ami, most of their lives. He is good friends with Cress and his family.
  • The Albane Family (Maria and Miguel Albane) - Maria and Miguel are Cress' parents, and they serve partly as parents to Chester as well. They are two of the four who sealed Dhaos a few years ago. Miguel teaches the way of the sword to students who reside in Toltus, while Maria is frail and unable to do much. They are a rich family, which can be seen by them having a maid.
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