Tower of Mana

The Tower of Mana exists in the game Tales of Symphonia. It is where the fourth seal is located on the Chosen's journey. To get to the top the party has to split it's forces into teams of three. They meet again at the top. The monster guarding this seal is Iubaris. When the party defeats Iubaris, Luna appears asking where Aska is assuming the party is there to make a pact. She soon dissappears and Remiel comes down from the heavens.

On the 2nd visit here, the party travels through quickly and one of them actually comments on how it's nice that all the puzzles are already solved on their way up to the top. Kratos Aurion meets them part way up and attacks, hoping to stop their progress. However, Yuan Ka-Fei steps in and battles Kratos so that Lloyd's Group can make a pact with Aska and Luna. When they succed, the Tower falls apart because of the power of the Great Tree.

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Emil Castagnier, Richter Abend, Tenebrae, and Marta Lualdi also stop here at the very beginning of the game. It is hear where Emil makes a pact with Ratatosk and becomes one of his knights to save Marta. Lumis' core is also located here, which is the reason for Marta being here in the first place. Lloyd Irving sweeps in and steals the core from them, knocking them out in the process, and leaving.

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