Triet is a city located in the Triet Desert in Tales of Symphonia.

[edit] Basics

Triet is the first town visited on Lloyd's journey, as the seal located in Triet Ruins is the first seal on the Journey of Regeneration.

The town itself is a desert town with an oasis, inn and shops as well as a fortune teller.

It's actually a reconstruction of the old Triet, which used to be located in Triet Ruins but was destroyed during Nora's Journey of Regeneration in an event that became know as Efreet's Hellfire. The purpose of the town's original location was due to a belief that living close to the Spirit of Fire would promote harmony.

[edit] Culture

Being a desert town, the residents within it all dress to fit their environment, with turbans being popular among adult males and men, women and children all favoring pants and long-sleeves. These clothes aid with life in the desert as they're light and easy to move in and protect from the harsh sun of the desert.

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