Vandesdelca Grants

Vandesdelca Musto Fende

Van as he appears in Tales of the Abyss
Name Vandesdelca Musto Fende
Role Main Antagonist
Hometown Hod
Relations Tear Grants (Sister), Teodoro (Adopted Grandfather)
First Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Other Appearances None

Vandesdelca Musto Fende, or Van Grants is the main antagonist of Tales of the Abyss.

[edit] Role

Van is shown as a primary protagonist until you have proceeded through part of the game. He trained Luke Fon Fabre with his swordsmanship until he was called off to the grand city of Daath, as a member of the Oracle Knights. Fon Master Ion had gone "missing", and Van was sent to find him. This made Luke angry, and he wanted to get one lesson before Van left. In the middle of the lesson, a mysterious assasin came and tried to kill Van. Then, she and Luke were transported into a forest.

After journeying through the game, you meet up with Master Van once more. He tells you that Luke has been a weapon all this time, sealed up by his country. Luke decides to ask him for some help, but they then land.

It is found out in the city of Akzeriuth that Van is trying to destroy the city, and then the world. Using Luke's power of Hyperressonance, Van would destroy the Sepiroth Tree, which would cause Akzeriuth and the area around it to crumble, and fall into the Qliphoth. He then tries to destroy everything else. This is where the main part of the game begins.

[edit] Friends

The only people that could be counted as his friends are the six God-Generals, another rank in the Oracle Knights. Since Van watches over that section, he has complete control over them. They have their own needs in the world, which are so twisted that they decide to join Van and help him rewrite the world.

[edit] Goals

His main goal is to destroy the Score, a written future. But, the only way to fully accomplish this, as he mentions in your first battle with him, is replacing the entire world with replicas, as he did with Asch and Luke. The originals will die, but the replicas can continue being made until Van gets tired of doing it. This plan will allow him to get rid of everyone and everything that knows the Score, which will mean that nobody can read the Score to anyone else anymore.

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