Victor in Tales of Xillia 2
Species Human
Home Lake Epsilla
Appearances Tales of Xillia 2
Victor is a character that appears in Tales of Xillia 2 as the father of Elle Mel Marta. His wife, the mother of Elle, died before the events of the game.

[edit] Biography

Victor is the fractured version of Ludger Will Kresnik and Father to Elle. He lives in a fractured dimension where Jude Mathis had managed to successfully create Spyrite technology. However, before the events of Tales of Xillia 2, Victor had killed his world's versions of Jude, along with Elize, Rowen, Alvin and Leia. Whilst in the Prime Dimension he orders Elle to seek out the Land of Canaan, shortly before being shot at by, presumably, agents of the Spirius Corporation. He later appears at Lake Epsilla in his original world at his and Elle's house. Whereby he looks after Elle, Ludger and company. When Elle falls asleep he threatens Ludger that he is putting his child's life at risk, but leaves the house as so their discussion will not wake his daughter. Ludger and Victor fight and eventually Victor is killed, revealing himself before he dies as the last Waymarker needed to enter Canaan. He dies, allowing Ludger to retrieve the Waymarker and destroy the fractured dimension and Victor with it.

[edit] Battle Information

[ Easy / Normal / Moderate / Hard / Unknown ]
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Combat Style
P. ATK 3013 STR 1093 AGI 652
P. DEF 1112 VIT 1454 DEX 527
A. ATK 2675 INT 954
A. DEF 1103 PSY 1504
ATT. Weak None
Strong None
Absorbs None
Elle's House
Dropped Items Exceed
Lightning and Hail
Stealable Items None

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