The Zhonecage is a bonus dungeon found in Tales of Graces f and is one of the main additions to the port.

It's a ten level dungeon that takes place on Foselos, the giant ring that surrounds Ephinea.

In the dungeon, the party must battle through ten floors each with a boss and its own collection of high level monsters. Each boss is part of what's collectively known as the Terma Ten. Initially, there are only 9 out of the 10 floors available to you because the 10th floor has to be unlocked by both completing floor 9 and also completing the Guardians of the Valkines sidequest.

Completing a floor unlocks the floor above it. To do a floor at all, the player has to offer an item from their inventory worth a certain amount as a sort of wager--if you complete the floor, you get the item back, but if you die then the item is lost to you.

[edit] Bosses

Floor 1: Frederic

Floor 2: Cedric 2.0

Floor 3: Amber Hearts

Floor 4: Dark Turtlez

Floor 5: Emeraude 2.0

Floor 6: Peepit?

Floor 7: GentleEel

Floor 8: Fourier

Floor 9: Reala

Floor 10: Solomus

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