Arte List
Allium Orb

Age 26
Height 182 cm
Weapon Sword
First Appearance Tales of Xillia
Other Appearances Tales of Xillia 2
Alvin, a competent mercenary from Tales of Xillia has a very calculating nature. He doesn't talk much about himself and can hide his feelings with ease. He is sociable with everyone and constantly displays a mature composure. His quick tongue and charisma seem to be able to get him out of any situation he chooses.

[edit] Background

Alfred Vint Svent was born in Elympios. He grew up close to his cousin, Balan. By age 6, Alfred was away at boarding school, but his mother and father called him back to go on vacation. When he returned, the family set out for a cruise onboard the ship, the E.S.S. Zenethra. They also took Alfred's uncle, Gilland. While they were out to sea, the Elympion military tested a weapon designed to break the schism. They managed to bust a hole through it, but the Zenethra was sucked into Rieze Maxia as a result. It also caused a massive tidal wave that overtook the battlefield during the Battle of Fezebel, changing the events of the world dramatically.

In this accident, Alfred's father, the head of the Svent family, died. Alfred was next in line to take over, but because he was so young, Gilland took control of the situation. The stranded people from Elympios, among which was Jude's father, Derrick Mathis, formed the group Exodus, which Gilland later took over after provoking a scandal around the previous leader, Gilbert. Gilland took the sign of the head of the family that formerly belonged to Alvin's father, the golden pistol. He also took advantage of Alfred's mother Leticia's fragile state of mind and started having an affair with her, which he flaunted to Alfred. Alfred resented Gilland for stealing his father's pistol, messing with his mother's emotions while she was disturbed, and for the abuse he put him through.

Alfred took on the name "Alvin" when he started working for Exodus. When he was able to, Alvin took his mother and hid her in Xian Du. Knowing of Isla's shadier dealings, he hired her to look after his mother while he made a living as a mercenary.

Alvin was hired by several parties over the years. One job he took was to infiltrate the Booster laboratory at Labari Hollow. It was because of the information that he stole that the lab was shut down. While employed in Fennmont, he met Presa, a member of the Rats. They started going out, and Presa eventually told him the truth about her because she was hoping to have a serious relationship with him. However, he sold the information to the Rashugal military and that resulted in the death of Presa's colleagues - Presa herself barely managed to escape. Alvin didn't see Presa again until she attacked Milla at the Kijara Seafalls.

[edit] Tales of Xillia 2

Alvin makes a return in Tales of Xillia's sequel set a year after the events of the first game. He has now started a business with Yurgen and is trying to help people from the two worlds connect. He also started growing a beard.

[edit] Trivia

  • The reason that, in Hamil, Alvin could read the first Aifread's Treasure chest was because it was in Elympion.
  • Elympions, like Alvin, all have mana lobes. They're just underdeveloped from lack of use and necessity.
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