Asbel Arte List

All of Asbel Lhants artes.

[edit] Burst Artes

Name CC Effect
Lightning Strike 2
Demon Fang 2
Shockwave Slash 2
Frost Breaker 2
Moonlight Circle 3
Ruinous Bloom 3
Phantasm Flash 4
Concussive Bolt 3

[edit] Assault Artes

Name CC Effect
Quick Slash 1 A quick strike with a sheathed sword.
Nimble Fang 2 A strike arte that delivers three quick kicks in rapid succession.
Stagger Strike 2 A striking attack in which Asbel slips in close and chains a leg sweep into a vertical kick.
Wing Crush 2 A powerful attack that unleashes pent-up energy.
Gush Stroke 2 A forward surge in which Asbel swings his sword to the right.
Dual Impact 3 A combination striking and crushing attack that sends foes flying.
Wolfwind Fang 3 A flurry of ring-shaped vacuums that send ensnared enemies flying to the left.
Phantom Pulse 3 Waves of psychic energy seek out and cause damage to enemies' minds.
Burial Blade 4 A swift draw and slash of the sword. It boasts an impressive reach that punishes unprepared foes.
Dragon Charge 4 An attack in which Asbel charges through his foe while drawing and swinging his blade.
Heaven's Wrath 4 A continuous flurry of kicks that seems to circle the enemy, attacking from all sides.
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