Asbel Lhant

Asbel Lhant
Age 18
Weight 65kg
Height 175cm
Weapon Sword
JPN Voice Actor Takahiro Sakurai
ENG Voice Actor Bryce Papenbrook

Asbel is the eldest son of the Feudal lord of the city of Lhant. He has a sort of care free personality but also has a strong sense of justice. Because of this, he cannot turn a blind eye to a person in need which leads him into a lot of trouble at times. As a child, he was raised to become the next Feudal lord but after a certain "incident" he decided that he wanted to become a knight instead so that he can always protect his friends and loved ones. He was enrolled in a knight's academy and spent 7 years studying the Artes of a knight. Once Asbel's father dies, he must return to the city of Lhant to take the position of Feudal Lord.

[edit] Fighting Style

Like all Tales of Graces characters, Asbel has two fighting styles. With his A-Arte tree (or Assault Artes), his Artes are pulled off by simply pushing the X button and tilting the control stick in different directions.

His B-Arte tree (or Burst Artes) all of his Artes are sword based. They are used by pushing the O button to draw your sword, then pushing the O button again and tilting the control stick in different directions. You can also assign shortcuts for the B Artes of any character.

[edit] Trivia

  • There's an NPC in Lhant who, when talked to at various points through the game, will make frequent passes at Asbel, even going so far as to call Cheria a Harpy and brazenly proclaiming she and Asbel should get married because she'd make a better mother for Sophie. In fandom, this NPC is affectionately called The Lady at the Bridge.

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