Blastia appear in the game Tales of Vesperia. Blastia are devices that utilize aer to perform a function.

[edit] Types of Blastia

Aque Blastia: This blastia is used to regulate the water system. Without an aque blastia, the water system will go out of control, causing the water to overflow and flood the surrounding area

Barrier Blastia: This blastia produces rings that creates a barrier. Every city has one to protect it's citizens from monsters.

Hoplon Blastia: This blastia can be used as a weapon to harm others

Bodhi Blastia: This blastia enhances it's users abilities, allowing them to fight monsters. They are usually worn as an accessory such a bracelet or necklace.

Hermes Blastia: This blastia is extremely effecient in converting aer into energy, but they require massive quantities of aer. However, this can cause an overproduction of aer, which can be very harmful.

Ceres Blastia: This blastia is what powers ships.

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