Capua Nor

Capua Nor, also known as Nor Harbor is a port town located west of Ehmead Hill in Tales of Vesperia. It is a port town that was ruled by the tyrannical magistrate Ragou and it rained due to a blastia that could control weather, but thanks to the efforts of Yuri Lowell and his friends, the weather was more enjoyable and everyone was much happier. It is described as a thriving port under the jurisdiction of the Empire and passenger liners, freight vessels and military vessels frequent the port.


[edit] History

[edit] First arrival

When the party first arrives here they notice the weather was rather gloomy and it changed fast. Karol Capel suggested they find an in before they get soaked to the bone. Estelle tells Yuri that a harbor town would be more lively and Yuri agreed with her. Rita Mordio adds that it would be perfect for the core thief to hang out here, and Yuri reminds her Dedecchi headed to Capua Torim, otherwise known as Torim Harbor, and Rita suggests the two are similar, but Karol adds that only Nor Harbor was awful. He further explains to Estelle that the Empire is to blame for the events at Capua Nor. The party soon notices a couple being harassed by a thug and an accountant who were holding their son as collateral. The husband tells the two that because of the weather, no boats are able to launch and they can not pay their taxes. The thug suggests he catch a Rhybgaro and the accountant says that with the horn, the couple will have their taxes cleared. The party was disgusted by this, with Karol saying the influence of the Empire is strong and things got worse since the new magistrate took over, saying he was an imperial big shot who does whatever he wanted, meaning there was no one to complain to when his henchmen act the way they do. The husband goes off to hunt the beast. The wife tries to stop him but her pleas fall on deaf ears, until Yuri stops him by tripping him with his foot. Estelle then heals the husband, Teagle, but the wife, Kellas, says she can not afford it. Yuri tells her to thank Estelle for kindly healing the husband. He then notices a cloaked figure and goes off, leaving everyone puzzled as to where he went.

[edit] Reunion

Yuri gets ambushed by the red-eyes and is about to be killed until Flynn Scifo arrives and helps him beat them, and in an unexpected moment Flynn turns his sword on Yuri preparing to arrest him for his crimes though he was more or less happy to see him. On the one hand Flynn is happy to see Yuri travelling the world, but on the other, he is not pleased to see a wanted poster of him with his bounty increased to 10,000 Gald, never imagining his friend would become a criminal. Yuri explains that a lot happened and it wasn't simple and Flynn replies by saying a crime is a crime. Yuri is sort of happy to know his friend was the same as ever and then Estelle shows up, happy to see Flynn after so long. She kindly greets Flynn with open arms and he takes her to the hotel. Yuri went off to look for Karol and Rita who are at the hotel. Karol says he saw Estelle and Flynn enter the hotel and when Yuri tries to get in, Rita stops him. Karol suggests that he take a look around town and after doing so they go inside the inn.

Once inside, Flynn tells Yuri he heard about everything that happened up to the point they arrived and the reason for the bounty on him. He thanks him for protecting Estelle, who also expresses her gratitude. Yuri replies by saying he was already looking for the thief who stole the core of the aque blastia in the lower quarter of Zaphias, but Flynn rebuttals by telling him the law does not allow obstructing officers, jail breaking and trespassing, which was revealed by Estelle and which Yuri admits. Flynn asks if Yuri was prepared to receive his just punishment, which Yuri replies by asking if he wanted further explanation, which Flynn already deduces was all to get the core back. Just then a young woman and a child enter with news, with the child pointing at Rita for refusing to help Flynn. Yuri asks Rita who the child was but she does not know. Flynn introduces the woman as Sodia, his second-in-command, who simply bows her head and the young boy is Witcher, another mage from Aspio, who accepted Flynn's offer to help him. As he is about to introduce Yuri to the two, she immediately recognizes him from the posters and draws her sword at him, but Flynn orders her to stand down saying he is a friend. She rebuttals by pointing out he is a wanted man, but Flynn informs her that even though he is guilty of small crimes the warrant for his arrest contains accusations that were untrue and gives her peace of mind by offering to return him to Zaphias, explain the situation and will receive his punishment. She then sheathed her sword and apologizes for her behavior and has Witcher explain his report.

He tells Flynn that the current weather is being caused by a blastia and further explains that though the weather is unpredictable there is no explanation as to why it gets worse when boats leave port. Sodia adds more by telling him about a testimony of a blastia being carried into the palace of the magistrate, Ragou. Rita claims that she never heard of a blastia that can control the weather and tries to piece together the aque blastia and the events of the Shaikos Ruins. Yuri deduces that Ragou is using the blastia to control the weather, and Sodia confirms Yuri's deduction but can not say for sure without proof in addition she says that the harbor is closed due to the weather and any ship that makes an attempt to leave will be fired on. Flynn adds more of Ragou's corruption to Yuri, explaining that he released a monster known as the Rhybgaro and he amuses himself by forcing people who can not pay taxes to hunt it down and claims he will pardon their taxes if they catch the monster. Estelle thought of this as cruel and Rita added that the injured couple, Teagle and Kellas, are more victims of Ragou's cruel game along with their child. When Flynn asked about the child, Yuri tells him not to worry about it and stay at the inn for the night. As Yuri leaves, Sodia reminds Flynn about a missing person.

[edit] Seeing the Magistrate

After leaving the hotel, Karol asks what Yuri is going to do. Estelle says she is going to see Ragou about his corruption but Karol tells her that the party will be turned away and not even Estelle can get in. Yuri replies by saying with the harbor blocked off, they can not go to Capua Torim and Dedecchi and his client are already there. Rita suggests they just go and Yuri says if they can not be shown entry, they will have to come up with another plan and with that the party goes off to see Ragou. As they approached the palace they are stopped by two thugs. When Estelle asks to meet with Ragou, Karol tells Yuri they are mercenaries. One of the mercenaries tells the party that the magistrate is busy and Yuri insults him by saying he is not too busy bullying the people in town. Karol suggests that the party leaves before things got bad to which Yuri agrees. Estelle wonders if there is another way but Rita tells her to forget about it and the party left. Yuri suggests that they leave direct attack to the Imperial Knights but Rita stats that the knights can not do a thing is why Flynn is in a bad mood. But Yuri suggests that maybe Ragou will see him if they give him a gift: the Rhybgaro which was mentioned by the official and worth a lot of money and with the horn no one will worry about taxes ever again. Yuri's suggestion is if they bring him something that valuable they will have an audience with Ragou. Karol thinks it is great since it is raining. When Estelle asks why, Karol explains that the Rhybgaro only comes out when it rains and out of all the monsters he knows it is the only one that can do so. Yuri asks if there was anything else he should know but Karol says that is it. Then Yuri asks where the monster is but Karol does not know that either, so Estelle comes up with an idea: ask the people in town if they know where it is. Yuri asks Estelle if that is okay with her to which she replies yes, but Yuri tells her if they are not lucky, then they can be arrested and asks if he is okay with defying the magistrate and Estelle confirms she wants to go. He then asks Rita, who was rather intrigued about a weather controlling blastia, and with this conviction the party goes to find the beast.

As Yuri's party is about to leave, they run into Flynn's party and Flynn tells him not to do anything reckless but Yuri replies by saying he has not done anything reckless since the day he was born, he is simply chasing the blastia thief and that Flynn should ease up trying to do the impossible. As Yuri leaves, Flynn asks Witcher if his party can get the right to search blastia laboratories which he agrees to. Flynn can not help but wonder if leaving Zaphias changed Yuri at all but it made him more reckless than before. He tells Estelle that he is single-minded when it comes to protecting other people and he will sacrifice himself to do so. He reveals he was envious of that quality but worries he might take it too far. Karol tells Estelle to hurry up and as she leaves, Flynn asks her how it was to walk outside freely, to which Estelle says that it has been wonderful which gives Flynn some peace of mind. On the outskirts of town, the party notices the rain letting up but it is still cloudy. Karol then explains the concept of weather and how different monsters appear depending on it. Estelle compliments Karol on his knowledge of monsters but Yuri suggests they have to walk in the rain, with Rita saying the weather might change in the morning. Karol suggests the best cure for a gloomy day is to sleep it away, but Rita suggests that it might be gloomy the next day, and Yuri says rainy days might not be so bad and somethings happen on rainy days that do not happen in sunny weather. After that he suggests that they get some sleep and wait for the sky to clear up with Rita saying it might rain the next day and Karol calling her mean.

The party finds the Rhybgaro in a forest south of the town and after the battle Karol suggests that they take it back with them, but Estelle notices that it is covered in scars from people desperate to kill it and feels empathy for it. She reassures the rest of the party that the townspeople are not to blame and Yuri understands because the monster was being treated just as badly as the people who are trying to catch it. In an act of kindness, Yuri pulls off the horn of the beast sparring its life saying that the horn was all they really need. This surprises Rita and Karol as they notice the monster getting back up, but it runs away with Estelle saying it knew what they were thinking, which surprises Karol. With the horn the party returns to Capua Nor.

They soon return to find Teagle determined to find the Rhybgaro again and Kellas pleading him to stop. Yuri asks what he is going to do with the sword he was holding and he says it is none of his business and he can not interfere with his affairs because of mere curiosity. With that, Yuri hands over the Golden Horn to Teagle, who was shocked to see it. Yuri apologizes for tripping over him and hopes the horn will more than make up for it. The two thank him for such a wonderful gift. Karol becomes furious with Yuri for giving away their only way into the palace but Yuri states it is worth it if it can save their child. Estelle sees right through Yuri's facade saying he planned to give them the horn from the beginning, but Yuri passes it off saying the thought came to him. Rita was also angry at him for giving the horn away but Yuri assures them they will find another way into the palace. Estelle then asks him to see how Flynn was doing on his part with Karol hoping that he set Ragou straight. The party then decides to go to the inn.

Once inside Yuri greets Flynn in his usual way and Flynn replying with a sarcastic yet true remark of his own. Flynn asks if his bounty was raised higher and Yuri replies by saying Flynn thought his party went to Ragou's manor. Flynn says he did and even brought a search warrant from the blastia research lab, prompting Yuri to ask if he looked around. Sadly, Flynn tells them that the magistrate refused to let them in. Witcher adds more depressing news: the magistrate tried to provoke them into attacking. Sodia adds that he knew they do not have the proper jurisdiction to investigate and was making a mockery of them. Yuri asks if he was right, provoking Sodia. Yuri then tells them that if they think they are right they should force their way in, but Flynn tells them that it is a political trap to have the Imperial Guard make a mistake so Ragou can use it as an excuse to increase his authority of the Council and if they charged in, he will hide the evidence and feign innocence. Estelle asks if Ragou is on the Council and he says yes and adds that the Knights and the Council are both essential organizations that support the empire and Ragou forgot that fact. Yuri asks what they will do next, but Flynn does not have an answer. Witcher then has an idea: if there were a disturbance inside the palace, the knights would be able to move in under the pretense of emergency prerogative and Estelle backs up that fact with one from a book she read saying that the knights may employ prerogative to intervene in emergency situations regardless of jurisdiction. This gives Yuri an idea saying that if a thief sneaks in and causes an incident it will give the knights a reason to enter the palace. Flynn knows what he will be up to and tries to tell him not to be reckless but he interrupts him. Flynn then goes off to patrol the town to keep an eye out for a wanted fugitive trying to get into the magistrates palace.

[edit] Infiltrating the Palace

Upon returning to the palace Karol asks if the Council is important with Estelle giving an educated answer with Rita simplifying it to say that they represent the empire's interests. She then asks how they get inside and Estelle asks if there is a back entrance. The party then hears the voice of the old man that was in prison with Yuri back in Zaphias. They turn around and notice him with him shushing Estelle informing him that if she screams they will get caught. Estelle asks who the old man was and he states that he and Yuri are friends, with Yuri denying meeting him. The old man then reminds him about the short time they had in prison with Yuri puzzled as to how he knows his full name and he reveals his source: one of Yuri's many wanted posters. Karol then asks who the old man is and he tells them to call him Raven for the time being. Both Rita and Yuri are rather suspicious of him until he tells them as to how they can get in. Rita seems skeptical until Yuri remembers him pulling a similar trick to help him out of the castle in Zaphias, and Estelle thinking they can trust him with Yuri hoping so as well. At the gate, the party soon realizes they got set up as Raven tells the guards where they are hiding and ran off. Everyone but Yuri was shocked to find out Raven double-crossed them, making Rita furious and going after him. Rita unleashes her magic on the guards knocking them out and allowing her to blow off steam in the process leaving Karol wondering what they should do next. Yuri tells them they should go inside since the guards are taken care of, however he tells them that they can not go in through the front door and see if they can get in through the side. They find Raven, who takes the left elevator up, but the others take the right elevator which lead them to the dungeon.

Once inside Rita was furious that the party can not use the elevator to get back up. Estelle is overcome by the horrible stench and Karol can smell it as well. Yuri identifies the smell as blood and rotting corpses and wonders if Ragou is into raising monsters as well as torturing townspeople. Rita replies he might be as he had Rhybgaro. Suddenly, they hear the voice of a child in the next room leaving Karol to finally ask where they are. Estelle wants to know who the person in the next room was. They find out it is Teagle and Kellas' missing son, whom everyone in the party was relieved to see alive. Estelle reassures him that everything will be all right and asks him what happened. The boy explains that the magistrate brought him to the dungeon because his parents can not pay their taxes. Karol wonders if this is the child Teagle and Kellas were talking about and Estelle thinks it is horrible. After looking around Karol wonders if the monsters have done so much and the boy wants to go home. Estelle reassures him everything is okay and asks for his name to which he replies as Pauly. Yuri tells him to be brave and he will see his parents soon, to which he does and they help him out.

After heading to what appears to be a dungeons entrance, they come face to face with a nobleman who wonders if the party is more food for his pet monsters. Yuri asks if he was the feared magistrate Ragou and says he has some bad hobbies. Ragou replies by answering his question, meaning his basement and that only he can understand the pleasure he gets from such things. He adds that the party was like the the members of the council: they bore him to death and never let him enjoy himself and it was his privilege of his position to relieve him of his boredom with the help of the townspeople. Estelle argues with his viewpoint saying that he does not mean that boredom was not the only reason to do the horrible things he has done. Insulted, Ragou states he should get Rhybgaro calling the party new toys and that the monster will put on a good show, insisting none of the party members will live long enough to see it. However, Yuri tells him they already took care of the beast and Ragou was shocked to hear that at first but tells them that with more money he will be able to replace the monster. Estelle berates him and he was more shocked than before as he recognizes the young lady. With no effort, Yuri uses his sword to knock down the cell doors, scaring the frightened magistrate and causing him to call people to arrest the towns liberators. Yuri then points out as Ragou was running off that the guards will surround them if they do not finish what they have come to do. Rita was about to cast a spell until Yuri told her to stop with her wondering if it will be enough of an emergency for the knights to respond to and Yuri saying it was too soon and they needed evidence, particularly the blastia controlling the weather.

The party manages to find the blastia and Rita decides to check it out, indicating the blastia was patched together with different formulas saying it could manipulate the weather and asking how they could use it like that reminding her of the barrier blastia at Ehmead Hill and the people who had no respect for what they were working with. Estelle says that the blastia was just what they need for evidence and asks Rita if she can finish it later with Rita saying she needs to check a few more things on the blastia. Yuri reminds her that they still need an emergency for the knights to respond to. Estelle comes up with a lame idea for breaking something that is not valuable and Karol and Rita go on a rampage with Rita setting the palace on fire explaining the knights need a real reason to show up like a fire with Estelle not agreeing to the plan of random destruction. Ragou manages to catch them destroying his residence, but he was not alone. He orders the mercenaries he hired to capture the intruders but was very specific as to make sure Estelle is not hurt. Karol recognizes the mercenaries as members of the Blood Alliance guild. The party manages to fight back but Rita can not help herself until Yuri stops her reminding her that they can not be caught when the knights show up. Rita is sure that Flynn will not respond so quickly, unfortunately he and his party arrive sooner than expected. He offers to help the magistrate. Suddenly, the Dragon Rider bursts through the window. Flynn, Sodia and Witcher try to stop the mysterious rider but it was no use and the rider used his spear to slash apart the blastia core, ultimately destroying it which makes Rita angry. Estelle is surprised to see the Dragon Rider in the flesh. Furious, Rita tries to attack the Dragon Rider but fails. The dragon breathes fire for the rider to cover the escape. In the confusion, Ragou escapes with the party on his trail.

Once the got outside Rita vows revenge against the Dragon Rider whom she calls the "Dragon Freak" for destroying the blastia, even though Karol points out it was not hers. Estelle wonders why someone like the Dragon Rider would destroy blastia, and Yuri says he would like to answer her question but there were bigger problems that needed to be taken care of, but before that, Yuri asks Pauly if he can go back to Teagle and Kellas by himself and Pauly asks if Yuri and his friends are going after Ragou to which they answer yes to each others question. Estelle was still shocked to know that Ragou was capable of such crimes and was reminded by Yuri about how bad the empire has been for the whole trip and Karol reminds the party that Ragou is escaping on his ship, all without realizing that without the blastia, the weather became nice again.

[edit] The Core Thief Revealed

The party persues Ragou all the way to a secret dock and everyone manages to board the ship. Once on board Rita finds a treasure chest containing blastia cores leaving Karol to wonder why there were so many cores. Rita claims that she has no idea, and not even the laboratory has that many with Estelle wondering if they are connected to the core thief with Yuri saying it could be. Karol is confused as he thought that the true culprit was a big man with one eye which does not fit Ragou leaving Yuri to conclude that Ragou may not be the only guilty party involved and wondering if the aque blastia from the lower quarter was in there with Rita saying it was not as the cores are not the right size. The party soon finds themselves surrounded by more merecenaries who Karol confirms are members of Blood Alliance and they come from one of the five master guilds.

After dealing with the guild members, the group comes across the man behind the core thefts who knocks Karol aside. He wonders if Ragou ran from the party saying that he was scared of a group of children. Yuri then came out of hiding and asks if he is the one responsible for having thieves bring all the cores to him with him saying maybe he is and tries to attack Yuri but he dodges it. The man was impressed with Yuri's skill and bravery wishing he was in Blood Alliance to which Yuri replies by saying he was flattered. The man then says that he has to watch out for men like Yuri as it upsets the balance of his guild and it is not personal. Ragou then tells the man, Barbos, to dispose of the party but he says that he did all the work that he paid him, the Knights will be on the boat soon and he does not want to be followed by them and escapes with him. Ragou reveals that someone is inside the ships cabin, but has Zagi, the assassin Yuri and Estelle met at the castle in Zaphias, take care of Yuri and his friends, and escapes on a lifeboat with Barbos. Zagi then comes out, sees Yuri and is happy to see him again, Yuri and Estelle however are not as thrilled to see him again after they recognize him. Soon, the boat is being fired upon but Zagi does not care as long as he gets to play with Yuri and his friends saying that he has to kill someone. As he slashes the boat Yuri pleades him to take it easy on him but he does not care.

The result of the battle leaves Zagi with an injured left arm and in the aftermath the ship is burning and Yuri complimenting him on the fight. But Zagi says he retreated and he will not forget Yuri and that he will kill him. As he is laughing, he is blown away by an explosion and the ship begins to sink. Yuri tells everyone in the party to get in the water but before anyone can dive in, Yuri hears a voice coming from the cabin. Yuri goes in to save the person with Estelle trying to stop him but Rita tells her to jump. The ship sinks and everyone is alright. Estelle is worried about Yuri until he surfaces with a young man who was trapped in the cabin. Estelle immediately recognizes the young man as Ioder causing Rita to wonder who he is. Karol notices a boat and on it is Flynn who spots the party and Ioder. Flynn wastes no time in saving the party and with that the boat heads to Capua Torim.

[edit] Trivia

  • Capua Nor is one of three cities that have rather depressing music when the party first arrives but after clearing certain conditions the music changes to something more upbeat, with the other two cities being Halure in Tales of Vesperia and Hima from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
    • The music changes to a remix of the music from Capua Torim
  • There is a dungeon in this town known as "Port Capua Nor, Ragou's Residence" and it is described as a secret room that exists beneath Ragou's manor. In addition to that, monsters run loose here.
    • In the PS3 port of Tales of Vesperia, Patty Fleur is first encountered here.
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