Chalcedony Akerman

Chalcedony Akerman
Appearances Tales of Hearts
Tales of Hearts R
Race Organican
Age 16
Hometown Straga
Gender Male
Height 5'4" (162cm)
Weight 105 lbs (48kg)
Soma Wahrheit
Voice Actor JP Hiroshi Kamiya
Chalcedony Akerman (カルセドニー・アーカム Karusedonii Aakamu, Chalcedony Arcome in the Japanese games) is a protagonist of Tales of Hearts and a playable character in the re-release Tales of Hearts R.


[edit] Background

Chalcedony is the commander of the 13th platoon of the Crystal Knights, and is Paraiba Tourmaline's fiance. His underlings, Peridot and Pyrox, set out on a quest with him when the Crystal Knights see Kohaku's Spiria shards shoot through the sky. The goal of their quest is to recover one of the "mysterious objects" for the church to analyze.

[edit] Personality

Since being trained as a Crystal Knight, he has become very stiff and formal. He is irritable and easily embarrassed at first, but gradually grows closer to the party. After the deaths of Peridot and Pyrox, Chalcedony begins to heavily rely on the rest of the party for support in both every day life and his interactions with Princess Tournmaline, whom he is still very awkward around.

[edit] Fighting Style

Chalcedony possesses the Soma Wahrheit, which is worn as armor for the torso. When called forth from his Spiria it takes the form of a sword and his armor sprouts wings. He balances sword artes with light elemental Will artes and healing artes. He specializes in aerial fighting.

[edit] Trivia

  • He likes sweets.
  • He has a fear of bugs.
  • When he borrowed Hisui's soma, his Spiria made it shoot bugs, which startled him, since everyone else had something they like shoot out of it.
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