Cheagle Woods

The Cheagle Woods are located in the area near Engeve in Malkuth. It is home to the Sacred Animal, the cheagle. Cheagles are sacred because they made a pact with Yulia more than 2000 years ago. The Cheagle's possess Tales of the Abyss' Sorcerer's Ring as proof of their pact their Yulia. It enables the Cheagles to speak the human language The group of Tales of the Abyss first come here to discover why food has been going missing from the nearby village of Engeve. A young Cheagle, by the name of Mieu, set fire to the woods up north. A creature living there, called the Liger came down to live in their woods since it's home was burnt to the crisp. The Liger started to eat the Cheagles. In order to prevent this from happening, the Cheagle's had been stealing food to try to appease the Liger's hunger.

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