Cheria Arte List

A list of artes that can be learned by Cheria.

[edit] Assault Artes

Name CC Effect
Swift Pitch 1 A quick hit from a hidden throwing dagger.
Blessed Blades 2 Two piercing shots from daggers with a blessing that makes them stronger against spirit enemies.
Serpent Tooth 2 Two shots from daggers infused with a serpent's spirit. They pull enemies closer.
S. Harvest 2 Three daggers thrown in different directions, specifically designed to kill ill-intentioned plants.
Steel Baptism 3 A three-shot barrage of daggers blessed with the essence of water.
Spectral Purge 3 A dash followed by a quick stab with a holy dagger made to expunge restless spirits from our world.
Thunder Surge 3 A wide arc of daggers infused with the power to call down bolts of lightning.
Majestic Salvo 4 A vertical arc of daggers thrown from mid-air that are blessed with the power to purify spirits.
Infinite Wave 4 A wave-like strike from an infinite dagger that can sever the consciousness of inorganic beings.
Frozen Rain 4 A barrage of freezing daggers that fall like rain upon the area around the foe.
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