Cheria Barnes

Cheria Barnes
Cheria as seen on Tales of Graces F
Age 11 (Child),18 (Adult)
Weight 47 kg
Height 160 CM
Weapon Throwing Knives
JPN Voice Actor Shiho Kawaragi
ENG Voice Actor Laura Bailey


[edit] Introduction

Cheria is Asbel Lhant's earliest childhood friend. She is very out going and friendly especially as a child even with her sickness that makes her rather weak. Weak enough that she really can't even navigate very well around the village and is sometimes in need of Asbel carrying her on his back. She has a big heart and cares for the injured and anyone else in need.

As an adult she has been mysteriously healed from her illness so she is now a healthy young adult. As she puts it, now "one of the strongest in the village". With her newfound energy, she takes up the head of the Lhant healing group for the Kingdom of Windor.

When Asbel leaves to go to the Knight Academy in Barona, Cheria feels all alone. Sophie is dead, Hubert has been adopted by another family, and Asbel has run off on her. All alone she falls into despair. Until the magical light suddenly appeared within her. That light is revealed to have come from Sophie when she died. Since Sophie is a humanoid from Fodra, she has self regenerate cells which choose Cheria as a host body when Sophie's body was disintegrating.

She meets back up with Asbel in the city of Barona bearing terrible news. Asbel's father, Aston has died in battle against Fendel. Malik Caesar|Malik, who is Asbel's knight instructor, orders Asbel to take a leave and go visit his hometown of Lhant to check up on everybody. Although Asbel and Cheria were rather close as children, things have changed. However, after Asbel points out that Cheria isn't being incredibly nice to him, it becomes all the more obvious that she still has feelings for him but still can't show them very well. She was just mad at him for leaving her, and the village, for 7 years to follow his own path. Just like Asbel and as a side quest shows, her mother. Throughout the story, Asbel and Cheria's relationship receives little hints throughout. However at the end of the f arc, Lineages and Legacies, Asbel makes an informal proposal to Cheria who gladly accepts.

[edit] Personality

Cheria's personality is very spunky. She does what she feels is right while also trying to please everyone around her. When ever she is angry or confused (or both) her favorite childhood quote is "UN-Believable!" which is carried into her adult story although it is not said nearly as often.

Once Pascal joins the party, and Sophie starts imitating her, Cheria takes the role of the mother in the party. Reminding the girls to eat healthy and for Pascal to "take a bath!" on numerous occasions. She also seems to be the best cook in the party, for she cooks very often and knows what everyone's favorite food is.

[edit] Fighting Style

Cheria's main part of the party is as the healer but she does still have some powerful lightning spells for offense.

Her A-arte tree (Alpha artes) consists of her throwing knives attacks.
Her B-arte tree (Beta artes) are where her true power lie. As a healer and a lightning mage. Her healing spells are more so area effect spells much like Tear from Tales of the Abyss. The single person healing is often done by Sophie.

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