Gaius, Jiao, Presa, and Wingul
Loyalty Gaius
Nation Auj Oule
Members Wingul, Presa, Jiao, Agria

The Chimeriad are a fighting force composed of four people. Wingul, Gaius' right hand man, Presa, a formidable spell caster and undercover spy, Jiao, a former mountain bandit, and Agria, former Rashugal nobility.

They are named after the ancient animal, the Chimera, and each member was named for a certain part of that animal.

The Chimeriad are most well known for their feat when the four of them took out a squadron of 120 Rashugal knights.


[edit] Mission

The Chimeriad are above all else, loyal to Gaius. They take on any mission for him. After a battle, Presa describes it as something like "he gave us a home, when the world had shunned us. We have nowhere else to go." Because of Gaius' will to guide the weak and hatred of ranks and titles, he took on these four not because of the positions they were born into in life, but because they were powerful.

[edit] Members

[edit] Gaius

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The King of Auj Oule who does what he must to protect the people under him. He cares for nothing more than the people of Rieze Maxia and is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect the world and it's people.

[edit] Wingul

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The representation of the Wing of the Chimera, Wingul is Gaius' right hand man. He has partaken in extreme booster experiments that may eventually kill him, but for the time being, make him extremely powerful. On top of his top notch fighting skills, Wingul is also an excellent tactician. He has enough faith in himself, that he challenged Rowen, also known as Ilbert the Conductor, to a battle of wits where each unit takes control of pawns in a battle field.

[edit] Presa

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The representation of the fang of the Chimera, Presa was abandoned by her parents when she was very young. After that she was alone, until Gaius took her in. After that, she abandoned the name that her parents gave her, and took on the name of Presa. She uses formidable spirit artes in battle. She also seems to know Alvin from before the events of the game.

[edit] Jiao

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The representation of the horn of the Chimera, Jiao is the chief of the village of Hamil, and also a former mountain bandit. He has the ability to speak with monsters, and uses that to his advantage. When Jiao was in his mountain bandit years, he is the one that killed Elize's parents. He feels like he must atone, and does his best to protect Elize.

[edit] Agria

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The representation of the needle of the Chimera, Agria is originally from a royal family in Rashugal. She was believed dead when her mansion caught on fire and the rest of her family was killed. She has in fact been alive this entire time, and has been spying for Auj Oule. She is also one of the ones working on the Lance of Kresnik. She seems to truly hate Leia for unknown reasons.

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