Colette Weapons (Tales of Symphonia)

This page is a clear list of all of Colette's weapons in Tales of Symphonia. She obtains different rings in other games, such as Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology. For quick navigation, or to find a certain weapon, try CTRL + F. This list, from top to bottom, is presented in ascending Attack stat order. For more details, click on the weapon's name.

[edit] Weapon List

Colette can choose between 16 different weapons throughout the course of the game.

Name Attack Obtained
Chakram 68 Default // Iselia
Flying Disk 100 Triet
Duel Ring 130 Palmacosta, Luin, Triet
Slicer Ring 160 Asgard, Palmacosta, Luin
Mystic Ring 235 Asgard, Luin
Stinger Ring 280 Hima, Tower of Mana
Ray Thrust 320 Meltokio, Sybak
Mythril Ring 350 Sybak, Meltokio
Shuriken 410 Mizuho, Altamira, Ozette
Lunar Ring 500 Altamira
Solar Spinner 590 Heimdall, Iselia Human Ranch
Toroid 670 Flanoir, Latheon Gorge
Stardust 750 Torent Forest
Angel Halo 850 Meltokio Coliseum
Evil Eye 0 Toize Valley Mine

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