Cress Albane

Cress Albane

Cress Albane, the first Tales Hero
Japanese Name Cless Alvein
Age 17
First Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Other Appearances Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon (entire series)
Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage
Tales of Destiny
Tales of Eternia
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
Tales of Versus
Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X

Cress Albane, first seen as "Cless Alvein", is a legendary swordsman who was first introduced in Tales of Phantasia. It may also be noted he was the very first Tales Hero to appear in the series.


[edit] Relationships

  • Chester Burklight - Cress is Chester's childhood friend. They grew up together in the village of Toltus, and went hunting in the Southern Forest. Cress feels a deep loss when he thinks Chester was killed by Dhaos.
  • Mint Adenade - After traveling in Tales of Phantasia, and during the story of Tales of Phantasia: Summoner's Lineage, Mint learns that she finds happiness in Cress, and she learns that the crush she has had on him all this time has escalated into something greater.
  • Master Tristan - Cress is near Master Tristan because Master Tristan is always watching the way Miguel trains in the way of the sword. It is believed that Tristan trained Miguel, who now trains Cress.

[edit] Enemies

  • Dhaos - Cress has a strong hate for Dhaos, since he killed Cress' parents. Cress is trying to get revenge on him throughout the whole storyline of Tales of Phantasia. Eventually, Cress does this, and Dhaos doesn't show his face again in a world until Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2.

[edit] Storyline

[edit] Present

Cress Albane's story starts while he is in his hometown of Toltus. He lives there with his ill mother and his father. He is taught the way of the sword by his father, meaning he trains in the Albane Style Sword.

He goes hunting with his childhood friend, Chester in the Southern Forest. However, while they are there, they hear the Village Bell, meaning that the village is in danger. Cress and Chester hurry back, and they find that Toltus has been burned, and all of the citizens gravely injured or killed. This includes Cress' family and Chester's only family, his little sister Ami. Cress runs to his house, and his parents are still alive, but just barely. He talks to them, learning that men in black attacked the village for the Pendant that was given to Cress.

Chester runs, and finds out that his family has been killed. He finds the need to give the village the proper burial, while Cress flees so that Chester won't be in danger. Cress runs to his uncle's house in Euclid, where he thinks he'll be safe. However, when he gets there, he finds out that his uncle betrayed him and has told the authority, and the leader of this group, Captain Mars Uldole, that Cress and his Pendant were there. Cress is taken away, and locked in a dungeon.

Here, Cress meets a young girl named Mint Adenade, who has been held here with her mother. They escape the dungeon, and Cress passes out because he is bit by a venomous bug.

Mint meets Trinicus D. Morrison while Cress is passed out. He takes them to his mansion, where Mint and Morrison wait for Cress to awake. When Cress does, he finds that Chester has been waiting for him outside. Morrison helped Chester build the graves in Toltus, making things go by much quicker.

Later, the group travels to the Catacombs. After going to the furthest part of the Catacombs, they meet up with Mars Uldole, the man behind the Toltus Massacre. Before the group can get revenge, Mars awakens Dhaos, a man who was sealed by Cress' Parents, Mint's Mother and Morrison with a pendant. As he awakens, he kills Mars very quickly, and goes after the group next. However, Chester pushes everyone out of the way and gets injured by Dhaos' Ray.

Morrison sends Cress and Mint through time to protect them, and then sends them Chester's Bow, which is now smashed and destroyed. They take this as a sign that Chester and Morrison are alive, meaning that Cress' world is not over yet. However, they are in an unknown land.

[edit] Name Issues

This character has had many issues with his name. The official name on the western side of the world is "Cress Albane", while his Japanese name is "Cless Alvein". It was later revealed in Tales of Eternia that his name was "Cress Albane". This was the first time he was seen as such. This shows that both names are correct.

However, Fan Translations use Cless Alvein more often, due to them being translations of the Japanese versions of the game. More people use Cless Alvein today than Cress Albane.

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