Daath is the holy capital of the Order of Lorelei. This is the city out of which figures such as Fon Master Ion, Grand Maestro Mohs and the Six God Generals are based.

[edit] Layout

Daath is divided into 33 quarters. The specific number is based on the number of monuments located around the continent that the city is on that are part of a pilgrim's journey. At the center of the city is a giant cathedral, where the Order is headquartered.

[edit] Politics

Daath is considered an independent state with neutral standing between the countries of Kimlasca and Malkuth. Specifically, it's an independent religious state.

The Order of Lorelei itself is the governing body and its military branch is known as the Oracle Knights. The headquarters for the knights is located in the basement beneath the cathedral.

[edit] Hierarchy

The order of power within Daath goes like this:

  • Fon Master
  • Grand Maestro
  • Maestro
  • Conductor
  • Cantor
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