Dhaos, Destroyer of Time
Name(s) Dhaos
Plume Dhaos
Age Unknown
First Appearance Tales of Phantasia (SNES)
Other Appearances Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon

Dhaos is an angel of Derris-Kharlan during the time of Tales of Phantasia. His goal is to save the World Tree, and to save Mana. To do this, he travels through time using his powers, and goes to stop humans from using Magitech, his only weakness, and to destroy anyone who stands in his path.


[edit] Relations

[edit] Allies

Angels of Derris-Kharlan - These are his only known true allies, but they are not seen, nor are they mentioned until the very end of Tales of Phantasia when he asks for power from Derris-Kharlan. Seeing as a world is not living, the angels supply him with power.

[edit] Enemies

Cress Albane - Cress has a personal hatred for Dhaos as soon as his parents are killed. Dhaos never shows hatred for Cress, but Cress is the leader of the attempt to stop Dhaos, which means he almost has to dislike Cress.

Users of Magitech - Dhaos is always trying to destroy everyone who uses Magitech. He launches meteors from the sky at them, he sends armies to destroy them, and he goes after them himself. This is to protect his world.

[edit] Story

[edit] Past/Present

Tales of Phantasia starts by showing Dhaos being defeated in battle by 4 Unknown Soldiers. After he is hit by Indignation, he flies through time, 12 years before the Present Storyline. He is sealed away by Miguel and Maria Albane, Trinicus D. Morrison, and Meryl Adenade. They seal him in a coffin using two pendants. One goes to the Albane family, and the other goes Meryl.

[edit] Present

Dhaos is slowly being awakened by a man named Mars Uldole, who says that he was talked to by Dhaos, saying that if he could release him, there would be a reward. Cress Albane, Mint Adenade, Chester Barklight and Trinicus Morrison are on a quick journey to stop this from happening.

However, they are too later, and Mars awakens Dhaos. After Dhaos is awakened, he blasts and kills Mars with a ray (presumably Dhaos Laser), and proceeds to make an attempt of shooting the party. Cress and Mint get away with the help of Morrison, but Chester gets shot by his ray. Chester lives through this. Dhaos figures out that Morrison sent Cress and Mint through time, but cannot find where. So, Dhaos stays here, threatening to shoot Morrison.

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