Duke Pantarei
Duke Pantarei
Weapon Sword, Dein Nomos
Age Unkown
Goal To protect the World

[edit] History

Duke is one of the heroes of the Great War between humans and Entelexeia. Elucifer, the king of the Entelexeia fought by Duke's side and was his best friend. After the humans won the war, they feared Elucifer and his raw power. The human leaders decided to kill Elucifer. There was nothing Duke could do to stop it. This made Duke distrust humans to the extreme.

[edit] Current Goals

To wipe out the presence of human's on Terca Lumeris after the Adephagos appeared. Duke's goal before the Adephagos was to simple keep the aer balanced but all that changed when Alexei fired off Zaude.

[edit] Relationships

  • Elucifer- Elucifer was Duke's best friend through the war and was eventually killed by humans.
  • Raven- Duke seems to know Raven. Probably because they both fought in the Great War. In the Raven ending of the game, Duke says "You still insist on playing a fool", which implies that they know each other.
  • Yeager-Basically the same as Raven. Friend from the knights from long ago.
  • Alexei- Alexei also seems to know Duke. This becomes apparent in the ancient shrine Baction. When Alexei sees Yuri with Dein Nomos, he says "Hmm. I was expecting Duke." Which implies that he was intending to bury him alive with Schwann when the shrine starts collapsing.
  • Brave Vesperia- Duke's relationship with Brave Vesperia can be confusing at times. At one point in the game Duke helps them by giving them Dein Nomos. By the end of the game he turns into the main antagonist by trying to wipe out all humans on the planet.
  • Yuri Lowell- Duke and Yuri's relationship is also an odd one. Duke seems to not care. However, he does rescue Yuri after he falls off of the Enduring Shrine of Zaude. He claims that it was to save his sword, Dein Nomos, but it might have a deeper meaning. Maybe Duke sees Yuri as a younger version of himself. Atop of Tarqaron, Duke even admits to Yuri and the rest of the group that if they had met earlier they might have had a different outcome.

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