Duplemar is the name of the Valkines Cryas of water in Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f. Its name means "The Deep Sea".

[edit] Origin and Installation

Duplemar, like its sibling Valkines Gloandi and Forbrannir, was initially created on Fodra--presumably by Amarcians. It was then transported and installed on Ephinea in order to assist the man-made Lastalia with the transportation of water-type eleth.

[edit] Uses and Consequences

Initially set up in a city, Duplemar is one of the two Valkines that had unforseen, adverse reactions to their surroundings. While probably intended to be located in what used to be Strahta's capital, the installation of Duplemar caused water eleth in the surrounding environment to become largely scarce, turning Strahta into the desert it is today.

Despite this, though, Duplemar is still capable of supplying Strahta with unlimited water eleth as intended--the majority of it showing up in Yu Liberte.

[edit] Guardians and Spirits

Like the other Valkines, Duplemar is guarded by one of the three Chroma Dragons, Duplewyrm. Serving under him are the water eleth spirits known as Cyandine.

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