Ed closeup.png
Race Seraph
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Family Sorey (Charge)

Mikleo (Charge)

Status Alive

Ed is a character in Tales of Zestiria. He is one of the Seraphim residing in the village of Elysia.

[edit] Involvement

Ed is one of the Seraphim involved in raising Sorey and Mikleo.

[edit] Quotes

During first visit to Elysia:

  • "I couldn't care a jot about a human with no resonance. She can't see us, and soon enough, she'll leave. Aren't I right?"
  • "C'mon Sorey! Forget about entertaining that guest of yours and come prickleboar hunting with me!"
  • "Yeah, you've got no cause to fret, Sorey! You're not the Shepherd, after all. Nothing you need to trouble yourself with."
  • "Sorey! Mikleo! How about a friendly competition? Whoever finds a hellion first is the winner!"

When Sorey returns as the Shepherd:

  • "Gramps told me all about it. I guess it was always your fate to leave here someday, you and Mikleo..."
  • "Endless disasters are not the only thing the land below faces. Apparently they're on the brink of war as well. Forgive my saying this, Sorey, but I can't help but feel humans are more trouble than they're worth."

After the invasion of Elysia:

  • "Sorey, you must help Gramps! I don't have that strength, but a Shepherd like you can!"
  • "But who can possibly defeat a being connected to Maotelus? No... I shouldn't despair. I trust you and Mikleo, and Gramps. I believe in my family."

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