Ehmead Hill

Ehmead Hill is a dungeon located on the northern part of Illycia in Tales of Vesperia. The area is rather short as it is merely a path to Capua Nor.

[edit] History

The party first travels here to head to Capua Nor, where they might find Flynn Scifo. Upon arrival, Karol Capel notices that a barrier that is supposed to be in their vicinity is gone. He tells them that Nan, a friend of his from his guild, told him about the barrier in the area. He and Rita Mordio decide to go on ahead and check out the situation, leaving Yuri Lowell, Estelle and Repede behind. They come across a destroyed blastia and Rita decides to check it out. Karol comes back and tells them the one responsible for destroying the blastia was someone riding a flying dragon and the locals called this person the Dragon Rider. Rita gets in trouble with the knights over an argument about a strange blastia formula. Karol tries to cause a distraction and succeeded but Yuri gets the attention of one of the knights. He runs over to Rita and knocks the knight holding her unconscious giving her the opportunty to escape. Estelle apologizes to the knights on the behalf of Yuri and his friends.

The party goes down an alternative route and scolds Rita for not thinking things through. They soon hear the voices of LeBlanc, Adecor and Boccos, demanding Yuri and Estelle come out. When Rita demands to know who they really are, Yuri tells her he will explain things to her later. They find Karol who tells them since the path is blocked they go down the beast trail. Rita gets angry at the person who destroyed the barrier blastia. Along the way the party notices strange flowers that cause people to become dizzy when the pollen is inhaled and Rita can not help but use Karol as a test subject. As a result Karol gets dizzy and with Estelle's healing artes unable to work they have to wait until he is back to normal. After Karol regains his senses the party continue onward. Near the top they come across a fearsome Gattuso, a wolf-like monster who attacks without warning. After defeating the monster, the group heads to a spot where they can see the ocean and they can not believe their eyes on how vast it is. After a brief yet inspired conversation, Yuri and his friends continue down the path. Near the end of the trail the party finds a camping set and instructions on how to use it. Afterwards, they continue onward to Capua Nor.

[edit] Trivia

  • At the cliff, there is a rock that serves as the gravesite of Elucifer, king of the Entelexeia.
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